Monday, June 30, 2008

It's hard to be an angel!

After being at the Hollywood Wax Museum in Gatlinburg and trying to strike a pose with the "Charlie's Angels" girls, I now understand why actors & actresses get paid so stinkin' much. IT'S HARD TO KICK THAT HIGH! Of course I'm joking about the pay - I think that actors & actresses are grossly overpaid and over idolized given the fact that their work is purely for people's entertainment and nothing else. (I know, all of us who spend money to watch movies help them think they are worth that much but that's a different topic.) I am NOT joking however, about kicking that high! My original "Charlie' Angels" pose was to be standing beside them kicking my leg up - I overestimated my 28 year old body. The photo shoot went something like this:
Becky: Get the camera ready, then let me know when you are ready because I don't think I can hold my leg in the air that long.
Kevin: Okay, go ahead.
[Becky kicks, Kevin clicks]
Kevin: Um... the picture pretty much looks like you were falling over.
Becky: That's probably because I WAS falling. Try it again.
[Becky makes a valiant effort to kick again. Kevin snaps the picture]
Kevin: It STILL looks like you were falling over.
Becky: I WAS falling over! Let's try it one more time!
[Go back to dialogue above to see what happened the third time]
I finally settled for a less dramatic pose. Unfortunately, none of the kicking pictures survived. They were instantly deleted when I saw how ridiculous they looked. (I almost wished I would have saved them now just for the sake of this blog so you could see how ridiculous they looked). The two photos below are what was left of the photo shoot. I already posted the bottom one but am posting it again for the sake of this blog. We took it because even without the kicking I still thought the other shot we had looked stupid - but I am posting it anyway because if it makes you smile, I have at least succeeded at making your day brighter - now I just need to work on my acting skills! :)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

vacation log - home again :(

Well, our vacation is over sadly (we had such a relaxing and enjoyable time). We decided to prolong getting back and we stopped last night about 3 hours north of home. We could have pushed and made it in around 12:30 or 1:00 but we decided to stop. We did a LATE dinner at Cracker Barrel around 9:45 after checking into a nearby hotel. We slept in, grabbed lunch, then took our time driving along the ocean before hitting the interstate this morning. Kevin had worked in the town that we stayed at and Kay and I had gone with him a couple of times last year. We so enjoyed the small, beachy town atmosphere so we enjoyed being there again and driving around. (It was the same exit where we went to have the tire replaced on the way up ironically.) We got home around 4:30 this afternoon. I was a little overwhelmed over the thoughts of unpacking. We normally fly when we go anywhere very far so that kind of narrows unpacking down to 3 suitcases, and some carry-on bags. This time I had all kinds of junk to take care of. We tried to put most of it in the rooms where it would go as we carried it in. That helped so I didn't have one great big pile of stuff. I had 2 coolers of stuff, a [small] box of uncooked food, 2 bags of snack foods, boxes of gatorade and water, our suitcases, bags of dirty laundry, several bags with travel stuff for all 3 of us (overnight bags for the motel and bags with puzzles, books, movies, etc.), and then you know how it is when you drive - anything you have that you're not sure what to do with or didn't get put in a suitcase, you just throw in a plastic bag so I had a couple bags of assorted things. All that to say, I am quite proud of myself because I have everything taken care of, all of the suitcases back "together" and in the closet and my last two loads of laundry are in the washer and dryer as I type. The house is in decent shape though Kaelyn has managed to have a bunch of stuff strewn all over the living room in the few hours we have been home - she works as fast as me! :) AND... I am blogging and it is not even midnight yet. Here are a few (or not a few) more last pictures from vacation.

This is a picture of the picture of us on the chair lift.
You can't see Kay's face but you do get the idea of
how sandwiched in between us she was! The pic.
is a bit distorted because of trying to get a close up
shot of it.

Kay-Kay in bed in the room she slept in at the resort.

This is her entourage of "friends" that she has to have
everywhere she goes. (Notice her cross-dressing Mickey)

This was one of the outdoor areas right near our building.
There are grills and a picnic table nearby that you can't
see in the picture here.

Another shot from a different angle. There was actually
a little stream flowing under the bridge.

This is the creek that flows through the edge
of the resort property.

The top patio here is the patio out the bedroom
door of our condo.

This was at the entrance to the resort

Kay-Kay slept for the first few hours of the trip and then
she happily watched movies for the next few hours. We
didn't expect it to go that smoothly with her.

Friday, June 27, 2008

vacation log - odds & ends

Thursday we did a little bit of this and that. We went shopping, stopped to get some pictures by a smokey mountains sign, and then went to a wax museum in downtown Gatlinburg. For our shopping, we went to this HUGE scrapbooking store (I think the biggest I've ever been in), a Disney store in an outlet mall, and some souvenir shops. The scrapbooking store had a little room that was a play area for kids and a "husband's lounge". Kaelyn had a great time and Kevin sat and played a game on his cell phone. When we left, Kaelyn said, "It was fun play with toys". She just thought it was another great adventure on our vacation. I wish that all shopping with her was that easy!

"Scrapbook Superstore"

Kevin playing a game while I shopped.

Kay-Kay playing at the scrapbooking store.

Me with my purchases. (There was the regular store and
then the same store had a clearance store a couple of
doors down where everything was 50% off already marked
down stuff).

We asked this lady to take a picture of us. Kevin looked
at it after she got in her car and he said, "Man, she took
it REALLY far back. I said, "Well, maybe someone else
will come along shortly". Kevin was like, "No, it's okay.
You can tell it's us at least." I said, "It's that far away?"
Well, I cropped it quite a bit closer on my computer I
thought and it still is this far back.

Kay-Kay (she was singing because of being up
on something)

Me and Kay-Kay

This was actually taken at a different one of the signs by
someone else.

vacation log - wax museum

Kevin and I have been to a couple of other wax museums - once when we were dating and once since we have been married. This was by far the most enjoyable - probably because it was the "Hollywood Wax Museum" and had figures that are more popular. Also, it is one of the few wax museums that lets you get close enough to the figurines to get pictures with, etc. We had a blast going through it (as you can see by the pictures). If we would have just walked through and looked it wouldn't have been half as fun but we got all kinds of fun pictures.

Kevin and I with Forrest Gump (wax statute of Tom Hanks)

Kevin "eating" Elvis' ice cream in the "Boulevard
of Broken Dreams" display. :)

This one cracks me up! Kevin looks just like he's really
laughing about something with Elvis (though the Elvis
statute didn't actually look that realistic). :)

"Are you tired, run down, listless? Do you
poop out at parties?..."

"The answer to all of your problems is in
this bittle lottle right here." :)

Kevin with Austin Powers statutes.

Kevin with "the Donald". The sad thing is - his hair looked
better on this statute than in real life! :)

Did I mention we had a blast?

Forgive me all of you non-basketball fans (which is pretty
much all of you who read this) but I thought this was so
cool to look like I was blocking Michael Jordan's shot! :)

vacation log - wax museum 2

I know there are a ton of pictures here but I just had a hard time narrowing them down because there were so many funny ones. Enjoy!

Kevin with Austin Powers (Some of you may get this pose.
I've never seen AP so I didn't really get it.)

Me with Orlando Bloom (as his character in
"Pirates of the Caribbean"). They also had Johnny
Depp and Tom Cruise (from MI1) out front but
not where you could get to them.

Me at the spider man display.

Kevin at the "Lord of the Rings" display

Kevin "getting a kick out of" Drew Barrymore (Charlie's

"Wizard of Oz"

Kaelyn recognized this from her Veggie Tale's "Wizard
of Ha's" (VT's version of the "Wizard of Oz").

This was a painting on the wall by the Oz display.

It actually almost looks like she's on the yellow,
brick road.

Charlie's angels. :)

vacation log - wax museum 3

Last set of pictures - I promise!

Sorry - had to post this one too.

"Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

Forrest Gump

This was a section of current actors & actresses

Kevin with Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson (don't remember
which movie this one was).

Me and Pierce Brosnan (as 007)

Kay at the Oz display (her favorite)

Me with Leonardo on the titanic.

Kaelyn climbed up and was looking at the statute.
Kevin told her that she was too young to have a
crush on him. :)

Kaelyn on the titanic.

Kay-Kay with Toto.