Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back to Vacation

I have had these pictures in my "blog" folder for several weeks.  So... we're going back to vacation pictures.  This posting is only part of the pictures.

Wednesday we went to Hollywood Studios.  These next few pictures were taken back in "the Streets of America".

All of the various backdrops are painted murals of various big cities in America but it's unbelievable how realistic and 3-dimensional they can look when seen at the right distance/angles.

One of the false fronts to one of the buildings in the "city".

Me and my girl.

We were standing there trying to decide where to head next, and here came Mater around the corner.

Aren't Mater's teeth just too much?

Umm Rach? Did you know there's some weird guy in the background of your nice picture?  :-)

John and Kev on Toy Story Mania.

All of us at the exit of the Toy Story ride.

Kaelyn in "One Man's Dream", the special exhibition about Walt Disney.

When Wyatt saw Kaelyn stand by the wall and get her picture taken, he promptly went over and backed up against the wall to pose for a picture.  :-)

:-)  John with one of the early 20'th century ladies "roaming around" the streets of Hollywood.

Belle show.  Kevin caught this action shot as this guy was being "knocked down" by Gaston.

This is one of my favorite shows!  It is a Broadway style show and the acting and music is excellent!

Gaston checks his reflection in his sword.

Kay got to go up and be presented with the rose at the end of the show.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Up a tree

I uploaded these pictures to blogger a few nights ago and forgot about them so I thought I would quickly post them tonight.

This is one BIG reason I wanted to spend a while up here (in NY) during the summer.  The combination of Florida being so hot by this time of year and the trees, grass, etc. being so different means that Kaelyn doesn't experience some "normal" summery things like climbing trees, catching fireflies, playing outside without it being unbearably hot.

Kaelyn, my youngest sister Joy and a little friend Jordan.

They were all supposed to be waving - obviously, Kay-Kay likes to add a little more drama and expression to things. 

As some of you already read on facebook when I posted this picture, I was equally proud and terrified about this.  Kaelyn wanted Joy and Jordan to get down after a bit so that she would be up in the tree all by herself.  She was so proud of herself.  I thought NOTHING of being up in trees - even higher - with no adult around when I was a kid.  I was obviously naive to such things as broken arms, legs, skulls, etc. acquired from falling from trees.  Though I didn't stop Kay from climbing and I totally understand the awesome feeling of being so high up in a tree like that among the leaves, I was so afraid every time she moved.  *sigh*  ahhhh... motherhood.

So much like her mama - but cuter!

A pair of helpful hands.

Joy hung off the branch before dropping down to the ground so Kay wanted to hang from the branch as well.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer travelers

Kay and I are still in New York.  I have LOTS of pictures so far.  Here are few from the beginning of the trip.  (Rach specifically asked me to post some things from our time up here, the rest of you may not care.)

Kay reading Snow White to Joy's Kitty Misty.

I asked Kay-Kay if she wanted to hold Madelyn.  At first she said, "Well, I'm kind of afraid of her."  :-)  LOL.  I'm not sure why.  She finally agreed to sit with Joy and hold the baby.  She's honestly not sure what to do with a baby.  She doesn't know how to interact or what to do because babies don't talk or do things like other people.  :-)

She (Kay) is a sweetie anyway even though she was terribly worried that Maddie would "chew your [my] fingers" (not sure where that came from but she was obssessively worried about that and very impressed when Madddie didn't chew anyone's fingers).  I said that Maddie was a vegetarian but of course that little bit of humor was lost on Kaelyn.  :-)

Out to lunch with the girls.  :-)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Magic Kingdom

After we finished our character breakfast at Magic Kingdom, we spent the rest of the day in the park of course.

Kay back in Frontierland.

Kaelyn had Jessie sign her hat this time.

In the Toy Story movies, Andy has his name on the bottom of Woody and Buzz's boot/shoes.  Kaelyn has wanted Woody's name on the bottom of her boot since she's had the costume.  So we had Woody sign the bottom of one of her boots this time.

Jessie knelt down and helped Kaelyn put both her hat and the boot back on.  It was quite cute.

Besides signing his name, Woody wrote "Hey Howdy Hey"  which is one of the phrases the Woody toy in the movie said when his string was pulled.

This is on the "raft" over to Tom Sawyer's Island.

Raft ride to Tom Sawyer's Island.

We had put Kaelyn's Jessie costume on her for when she saw Jessie and Woody but she wanted to wear it for awhile.  It went along perfectly with the the fort and scenery on Tom Sawyer's island.

I LOVE this one!!!  There's just something about it...

This wall is partly whitewashed based off the Tom Sawyer story and it says "Tom (hearts) Becky"  (as in Becky Thatcher of course)  Kaelyn thought it was pretty cool that my name is painted on the fence.  :-)

A view of Thunder Mountain [roller coaster] from the island.

Fort Langhorn on Tom Sawyer island.  Does the name of the fort ring a bell?  Langhorn - as in Samuel LANGHORN Clemons, who wrote Tom Sawyer.

Sentry duty.  :-)

The fort

Like I said, perfect background for the costume.

My sweetie and I on the Dumbo ride - such and adorable pair!  ;-)

Love this one - Wyatt loved this ride!

Flying high.  Notice my hat on the ground.  :-)  And yes, I did get it back.

John and Wyatt watching Rach get ready to ride Alice's teacups.

If you're wondering, John, Kevin, nor myself do "spinny rides" but Rach likes them.  We figured Kay would do okay with them.  Kevin decided to give it a whirl - ha, ha get it? - and he said it wasn't that bad.  Anyway, that's why Rach, Kev, and Kay were the only ones riding.

Wyatt and Kay having a light sabre fight.

Jedi warrior.

Ha ha!  Don't ask.  Never mind, you don't have to ask, I'll tell you.  :-)  We were in a little area of the park that isn't being used for anything right now so we were just letting the kids run around and we were relaxing.  Kay and I took her stuffed Pooh and Wyatt's Pooh and we were throwing them both and catching them at the same time.  A great practice in coordination.

Me on the astro orbiter.

Wyatt and I waiting to see Mickey and Minnie.

This was the first time (other than Piglet) that Wyatt got brave enough to go near a character.

Waiting for the Mainstreet Electrical Parade to start.

Wyatt has fallen in love with Mickey and Minnie.

Watching the parade - I think this picture is very cute!