Monday, November 3, 2014

Ryan Photo Shoot Part 3

I can't believe that it has already been a month and a half since I did a blog post.  We have stayed very crazy busy the last several weeks!  I am going to wrap up posting pictures from our photo session with the Churchills.  I only have a few more left after the ones in this post.  There are a TON here so I imagine you'll want to skip through or scroll through briefly.

I LOVE kisses from this boy!!!

Such a tiny little person.  I think he was somewhere in the six pound range here.

Ryan is already so spoiled.
  He is so loved and adored by the three of us that it's probably a bad thing.

And then there's his sister... She thinks he's just the cutest, most wonderful thing ever and even though he's just a baby, you can tell the feelings are mutual.  When we pick Kaelyn up from school, if he is awake and she starts talking, he gets so excited.  He kicks and squeals and smiles as soon as he hears her and realizes she is there.

This picture just melts my heart and makes me so happy!

So sweet

Kay looks so pretty here and I love the way her eyes look in this picture.

The diaper on the bottom was the first size diaper that Ryan wore in the hospital - folded down because it was too big.  It was a preemie extra small.  For perspective, you can look at a cell phone if you have one near you.  The diapers were a bit smaller than a normal size smart phone.
The other diaper is a preemie size diaper which was the size he was wearing at the time the pictures were taken.
The baby Mickey was the one that the ultra sound tech put in the gift bag to tell us that he was going to be a boy.

It was amazing to watch JP and Jolie work with Ryan for these pictures.  They had soft music playing on one of their phones and they took their time and posed him and waited for him to fall asleep in each pose so they could get exactly what they wanted.

This is a quote from Winnie the Pooh that says "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart".

You can see here that Jolie had just pulled the pacifier out of Ryan's mouth once she got him to sleep.  :-)

Big yawn.

These are the pacifiers they used in the NICU so they are the only kind he wants and wanted even when he was so tiny that the paci looked like it was about half the size of his little face.

This was his Woody costume from Build A Bear!  He looked so cute in it but he has outgrown it now.  :-(