Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Soccer - Grand Finale

The last Friday night of soccer was a big picnic and awards.  The soccer league provided/grilled chicken, burger, and hot dogs and then parents brought chips, side dishes, and drinks, etc.  It was a fun night.  The kids did play for a little bit to give them something to do in between eating and when they got their trophies.

The cute number 16 player.  :-)

I love her cute expression here.

Kaelyn and her "buddy" Kayla playing.

Yeah!!! She kicked it in the goal!!!

Kaelyn and Kayla

Walking back in for the trophies and ribbons.

Waiting for her name to be called for her trophy.

When they called her name, she went right up.  She didn't realize that the woman helping had walked away to get another box of trophies with GIRL soccer players on them.  Since no one was there handing them out, she just helped herself and reached in the box that was there.  (That's why the box says "male" on it.)

Checking out her trophy.  This is the first trophy that she has ever gotten for anything and she was SO proud.  I wasn't sure if she knew what trophies were but she had definitely figured out that it was an award.
(And by the way, the giraffe pal she is holding is "Sornando", so named by her.)

Sweet and adorable.

Kaelyn and Ross with their trophies and ribbons.

Hugs for her buddy.  Hopefully she will be able to get the same buddy again next year.  It seems like they try to do that with as many of the kids as possible.  Several of Kaelyn's friends had the same buddies that they had the previous year.

All in all, the special needs soccer was a FANTASTIC program.  It was well organized and Kaelyn loved it.  We definitely plan to do it again next year.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Bear with me as I post another batch of pictures from Legoland. 
There is a safari ride at Legoland.  You ride around in little jeeps and see animals made out of legos.  Obviously the ride itself isn't that exciting but seeing all the animals made out of legos is quite impressive.
The elephants.  The bigger elephant squirts water.  Kaelyn loves the baby lego elephant.  Most of the different animals have a baby.

Kay and I in our Safari jeep.  :-)

(just in case you aren't up on what various animals look like) 

I was going to caption this picture as "giraffe" but, never mind.  :-)

I think these ones are my favorite.  It's a whole family of lions.

There are also meerkats, antelope, etc.

Kaelyn pretending she's about to get sawed.  :-D

There is a beautiful water falls that was part of Cypress Gardens.  They have left it the same but added some Lego wildlife.  I don't remember what all there was besides the deer and rabbits.

Some of the landscaping that hasn't changed over along the water is just beautiful.

There were huge, shady trees near the water where one could just sit and read a book for hours - if it weren't for the fact that you were actually still at an amusement park.

Me and my girl.

THIS cracks me up.  You can see the artist painting.  What I didn't realize when I saw it the first day is that she is painting "Legoland At Night".  :-) 
(If you click on the picture and see it bigger, you will "get it" better.)

We were lucky enough when we back a couple weeks later for all of us to get to see Buddy.

The barn in the Duplo farm play area.

This was a different playground that was supposed to be like a whole town.  There was a hospital, house, zoo, etc.  There are three different playgrounds and they are all pretty cool and unique in their own way.

Me being treated at the hospital.  The doctors were nice but they've gotta' do something about those short little beds!  ;-)

Look who we found at the zoo!
(She's terrified of the tigers if you couldn't tell)

Grannie's Jalopies (and yes, that is what they are called).  There are two steering wheels up front and the kids loved it.  I think they both thought they were actually driving. 

I mentioned the fire truck ride in a previous posting.  Kay and I are in one firetruck here.  Once the ride starts, the firetrucks all move around in a circle while the platform raises up and down.  You can see the windows.  There are red lights that go on and off in each window as you use your hose to spray water at them

The semis are the same concept as the jalopies.  You are just riding around on a track.  There were no lines back on any of these little rides so we went on them as many times as we wanted.

This was another day on the Safari ride.  Kaelyn rode by herself this time and boy did she sure think she was big stuff!  :-)

We loved this Lego napping tourist.  I particularly like his long black socks with his sandals and the fact that one sock has a hole in it.  We were attempting to get a picture of Kevin "sleeping" also but it kind of looks more like he's checking out the "holey" sock.

This was yet another playground.  It was more for bigger kids but it had a lot of cool things.  Kaelyn loved it!  Crossing these logs was actaully harder than it looks because the logs were not attaached to the ground.  They were only connected to the cables which moved so the logs and cables were moving (swinging) the whole time as you stepped from one to another.

Another shot from my phone of the carousel.  I love the way they made the horses look just like the Lego horses in the play sets.

Yes, I was taking pictures of the mirror in this particular bathroom but it's not every day you see whole Lego creations on the walls of bathrooms.  :-)

Can we say sugar coma?

Yeah, we're (Kay and I) funny, we know.   :-)
(Kaelyn actually took this picture on my phone)

These two pictures from my phone are just too cute to not share - that's the only good explanation for including them here.  :-)