Monday, October 31, 2011

September and October Picture Marathon

It seems like fall (such as it is here in FL) has thrown us into a whirlwind of busyness that I'm sure is only going to get crazier as the holidays get closer.  I thought I would post some snapshots of the past few weeks before I start posting pictures from several fall/Halloween events.

Since "Lion King" was just re-released on blue-ray, 3D, etc. they had it in theaters in 3D for about two weeks.  Kay-Kay and I went straight from school one afternoon to watch it.  When we went to buy our tickets and the girl saw K's shirt and her Simba and Nala "pals", she was pretty sure she knew what we were there to see.  :-)

I pulled out these washable window/mirror crayons one day when Kaelyn didn't have school.  For some reason, it's so much more fun coloring on the mirror or a window than on regular paper.

I'm not sure it actually shows up in this picture but Kaelyn had written "Kaelyn loves Ross".  Ross is a good buddy of hers from school.

Kaelyn informed us on this particular Saturday morning that she would get her own cereal.  She is behind the curve on her independent skills but it seems like all the sudden, it has dawned on her that it is not cool to have an adult help you do everything and she is really getting much more independent now.

Sweetness on a lazy Saturday.

School picture day.

Out to Carrabba's for my birthday.

All of us at my birthday dinner.  I said to Kevin, "I can't believe everyone else is looking and smiling and "fit" in the picture but you're not smiling."  He said he thought he wasn't in the picture, thus the funny look.

Kaelyn said, "Take a picture of me.  I'm going to do something really hilarious."  :-)  I think she was trying to look like Grumpy here.

Checkin under her pillow the morning after the tooth fairy came.

This was the first thing she did and she was still barely awake as you can tell.

Kevin showing her how to play one of his wii games.

This is the week she was home all week with strep and you can kind of see in her eyes that she wasn't feeling real great.

We had Jessica Brown's 16'th birthday party on a GORGEOUS Saturday afternoon at Sandsprit park.

Kaelyn was very impressed with the cake since it had the Eiffel Tower on it.  The party was themed in Paris stuff.

Brittany and Kay watching Jessie blow out the candle and cut the cake.

Gay and Kaelyn looking at the water.  This is the Indian River and it is one thing that makes this park so beautiful and enjoyable.

Can we say giant pumpkin?  :-)

Me and my Sweetie.

And my other Sweetie.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ready for the Rain.

Kaelyn was out of school all of this past week with strep throat.  Tuesday, I took her to the doctor.  It had rained off and on most of the day (actually for several days).  It wasn't raining terribly hard when we got home but there were puddles above my ankles between the car and the house.  I thought, "Great, that's just what I need.  Kaelyn getting her feet soaked and cold when she's already so sick."  Then I remembered that she has a pair of rain boots that she had never worn yet.  I went in and got them for her and she insisted on using her umbrella too.  She looked just as cute as can be all ready for a walk in the rain.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Isn't She Lovely...

Isn't she lovely
Isn't she wonderful
Isn't she precious
Less than one minute old

Isn't she pretty
Truly the angel's best
Boy, I'm so happy
We have been heaven blessed
I can't believe what God has done
Through us he's given life to one
But isn't she lovely made from love

(Taken from Stevie Wonder's song "Isn't She Lovely")

Last weekend at Epcot, Kaelyn and I were sitting down resting while waiting on Kevin. Kaelyn was "smelling" and playing with this flower that she picked.  I was taking a couple pictures of her on my phone and I just happened to catch the setting sunlight on her face and hair.  When I looked at the picture after taking it, I couldn't get over how pretty the light made her look.  Even though the picture is not great quality since it was taken on my phone, it is a new favorite.  Every time I look at the picture, it strikes me just how beautiful and sweet she looks here (pardon my mommy partiality kicking in here).

I was just going to post the picture above but I decided since I was doing a blog post and loading pictures from my phone, I may as well post some other recent ones from my phone.  These were all taken sometime within the past week.

She's crazy!  She loved this fake snake and what's more, she really has no clue that some people are totally freaked out by snakes and would NOT care for this fake one.  I'm not sure how she would react around a real snake but I'm not so sure she would be bothered by it.  It was her idea to wrap it all around herself.  She needed my help with it but it was totally her idea.

I said, "Pretend it's giving you a kiss on the cheek" (mainly just joking) but she did it and then did it again so I could get a picture.  (Once again, most of these pictures look fuzzy and not real great quality).

We put her in a purple shirt because we wanted to make sure she matched the poles at Magic Kingdom. 
:-D  Ha ha ha!  Just kidding of course!!!

She got a Mickey lollipop from the Boo to You parade at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

She had just lost one of her top middle teeth on this morning.

When they found out (at Hollywood Studios) that she had just lost her tooth that morning, they gave her one of the special buttons to wear around.  She was SO proud of her button!

Phineas and Ferb

Reading, reading, reading.

OH NO! Yes, it's true.  The other top middle one came out today.  Now she is missing both her two front teeth ---- and she has her school pictures this week.

She can't stop looking at herself, or more specifically the spaces in her gums, in the mirror every time she passes a mirror - or anything that reflects for that matter - for instance, the window at Five Guys.  We were eating outside and she kept looking at her reflection in the glass.  I'm sure the people sitting inside were wondering why she had her mouth pressed up to the window looking like she was peering inside.  :-)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Joy's Recital

When we were in New York this past summer, our trip happened to be timed just right so that we got to attend one of Joy's piano recitals.  I was very happy since so many of those things of Joy's we all miss now since we're all away from home - and so far away besides.  It was a Sunday afternoon at a local Catholic school.  Leah and Maddie also came so we all had a "good 'ole time".  Joy's song was Fur Elise and she plays it beautifully (we got to hear the "pre-views" of it also when she was practicing at home). 

Waiting for the recital to start.

Chatting during the break.

  Look at that tongue. :-)  She sat and layed contentedly on my lap for a long time like I wasn't a stranger even though this was the first time we saw her.

Standing around chilling during the intermission.

This one some how got out of order.  I love the way Maddie just looked at Kevin like she was posing for him in these pictures.

A picture of the outside of the school.  A beautiful building.

Finally her turn.

I love all these pictures where she is VERY concentrated on her playing.

All of the piano students gathered for a group picture afterwards.  I don't remember how many students Mrs. Barnum has but I'm thinking it was close to 40.  It was quite a chore just getting them all arranged by height so that you could see them all!  :-)

The "already arranged" students waiting patiently for the pictures to be taken.

Joy and her piano teacher.

Joy with Mama and Daddy.  A couple of GREAT pictures of the three of them.

I was so happy to get to be there and be part of Joy's "fan" section,  :-)