Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Family Photos

Quite a while back at a Hobe Sound Christian Academy auction, we bid on and won a certificate for a photo shoot with Churchill's Photography.  We just finally got around to using it back a few weeks ago.  We did the pictures at a nice beach on Hutchinson Island.  Amazingly, all three of us felt very comfortable and enjoyed the photo shoot.  The photographers made us feel so relaxed and comfortable and they just kept shooting and shooting photos while we just hung out (there were some posed ones of course).  While Kevin and I were sitting at the hospital yesterday, he got an e-mail saying some of the pictures were ready.  That certainly made a long day at the hospital get much brighter.  So here is the link to the Churchill's blog so you can see a handful of them.  I jokingly told Kevin that it was a good thing they only took 10-12 pictures since there were already about four of them that I want to frame and hang above the mantel.  I think eventually they will ALL be posted to a website where they will be available to see and purchase if I understood the process correctly.  Needless to say, after seeing the pictures, we quickly determined that we won't wait another six years to have family photos professionally done and hopefully we can do it again soon after the little guy gets here.  Oh, one more quick comment on the pictures. When Kaelyn got to the hospital and I showed them to her she kept saying, "Wow!  Those almost look like different people; they are so beautiful."  :-)

P. S. If we get 10 comments on the photographer's blog posting of our pictures, we get a discount or a couple of free pictures.  We are just a few comments away.  We hated to say anything or sound tacky but if you could help us out and leave a comment on the blog (not this one, the one in the link) we would love it!