Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Sorry y'all.  One more blog full of soccer pictures and then I will move on.  Some of these were fun action shots where Kevin used the continuous shoot mode on the camera as Kaelyn was kicking the ball into the net.

Running for the ball.

The kids in Kay's level were all lined up waiting their turns to practice kicking the ball into the net past the goalie.  Kaelyn's buddy Ross had just kicked it here.

Action picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #4

And... picture #5 - all the way into the net.

Going in for the goal.

The kick.

Kaelyn and Ross

Snack time

Snacks after play time.
(You can tell she's tired out here.)

Looks across the field, sees us on the sideline taking pictures, gives us a big smile.

Water break.

Kayla and Kaelyn.

Kaelyn, Ross, and buddies.

The last night of soccer is a big picnic, face painting, and trophies and awards.

Kay and Ross looking at their trophies and ribbons.

I love this picture (really just because of how cute Kaelyn looks here).

Friday, October 11, 2013

Hello Again.

You don't even want to know how old these pictures are that were in my "blog" folder ever so patiently waiting to be blogged.  They go all the way back to the TOPSoccer season which was the end of April through the beginning of June.  But I had to start again somewhere and it was the easiest to just post these.
These pictures are a collection from all the Fridays that she had soccer.
Getting outfitted up on a Friday night.
Number 36 with her buddy, Kayla.


Kaelyn, Nikki, and Ross
These three were all in the same class in Kindergarten, First, and Second grade and they were good buddies last year.  This year, they are all three at different schools.


Kicking the ball in and out of the cones.
Last year, Kaelyn didn't get a whole lot out of soccer as far as learning how to play.  It was still good for her and she enjoyed it but she really did better keeping her focus and actually trying to do the drills this year.

I'm pretty sure that throwing the ball up and catching it was NOT part of the drills but the fact that she only got distracted a FEW times was good for her.  :-)

Talking with one of the coaches for her level.
Each player has a "buddy" but there are actual coaches that direct the activities.
(I think this picture is really cute by the way)

Kayla and Kaelyn



She worked hard this year.

We had gotten a new camera right around the beginning of soccer season.  We got a really nice one because it was the last of that model in the store. It was marked way down because it was the display model.  It was so cool to try out the nice zoom and action shot features when Kaelyn was out on the field.



Nikki, Ross, and Kaelyn again with their buddies.

Heading back out to the field after a water break.

There goes my big girl.  :-)



Group activity

Nice action shot - though I'm not sure why she's HOLDING the ball.


Running hard

Talking with her buddy.
Pleasant evening at the fields.