Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas morning!

On Christmas morning, we got up and got around then opened presents. We had to do a couple of "shifts" for Kay-Kay because she was in "overload" and getting frustrated. She did not completely understand the concept and couldn't figure out why when she opened something she wanted to play with she had to put it down to open more. After we cleaned stuff up, I prepared lunch for Rach & John and us. Because of flying out that evening I didn't want to make a huge Christmas dinner so I decided to do various platters. I waited too late to order a meat and cheese platter so I decided to try to make one myself. Now for those of you who may not know me well, that won't seem like a big deal but for those of you who know my SERIOUS lack of creativity when it comes to making things look nice, you may be surprised. I went to Wal-mart the day before Christmas and got three kinds of deli meat and three types of cheese. Then, I looked carefully at the picture of the platter hanging above the deli and went over to the produce section. There were tons of various "leaves" and I had no clue what kind of "pretty" leaves are used on those trays so I just grabbed a bunch of leaves that looked "food decoratishy". I also had a shrimp ring, a cheese ball and crackers, and wings so I got inspired to put those all on an appetizer tray. I cheated on the fruit with chocolate dip tray and just bought it. I was so shocked after I got it all put together because I really didn't think I had it in me to make it all look nice but I was kinda' impressed with myself.
That evening, we flew out of WPB. Both of our flights were VERY empty and we got bumped to first class. (Kevin still has his gold status with U. S. Airways till February.) Both flights boarded and left early and we arrived about 20 minutes early on each flight. That almost never happens when you fly so we were happy about that. We stayed at a motel in Syracuse that night and then got up and drove to Kevin's parents the next morning. I will be posting more pictures from our time here in NY sometime soon. For now, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!
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Matching outfits photo shoot

When I was buying a Christmas dress for Kaelyn, I discovered that one of the ones I was trying to decide on was very similar to the pattern of a skirt I had just bought for myself to wear for Christmas. Since I still have a few years for us to match before she gets wise to how "uncool" that is, I decided to have us match. The pictures on this slideshow are a couple of Sundays before Christmas. Not only did the three of us at least coordinate if not completely match, but we got to church and saw that Megan had a dress on similar to Kaelyn's. So we did a little photo shoot in front of our house after church. Later in the afternoon when Rach and John were at our house, Rach took some more pictures of Kay-Kay and I. You will see that it was quite interesting trying to get Kaelyn to pose and cooperate for the pictures. I left some of the "bad" ones in because they are kind of funny. I only labeled a few of them. So, here's to matching clothes - the joy of mother's and the dread of kids!
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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Memory Lane 3

These are all pictures from LAST year. We did our annual Christmas Orlando trip. We went to Dixie Stampede and then to "ICE" at the Gaylord Hotel (which is decorated spectacularly at Christmas time). We usually walk around in the hotel after we finish going through ICE. Kaelyn was getting old enough by last Christmas to be a lot of fun. Due to Kevin's flight status from when he traveled thousands of miles for work every year, he was able to get "bumped" up to first class when we flew up to NY. Kay-Kay looked so little sitting in her big seat. She got a kick out of the [real] snow.
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Memory Lane 2

Back at the end of November I posted a slideshow of pictures from Kaelyn's first Christmas. At the time, I wasn't expecting my computer to be out of commission for so long so I was going to do one for all three Christmas seasons prior to this one. Because for the first slideshow I had to go through folders of pictures and copy and paste everything to a jump drive etc. I lost heart for doing the following years. Now since I have the time and my computer back, I decided while I was sitting around, I would put another one together. This one is pictures from Kaelyn's second Christmas two years ago. I thought my family that read my blog might enjoy this.
That December (2006) Kay and I tagged along with Kevin out to California on one of his work trips. We stayed at a really, really nice Marriott in Redondo Beach right along the ocean. We also took a day to go to the SanDiego zoo and meet up with my aunt and uncle while we were out there. Then the three of us went up to Orlando and spent one day at Sea World and went to "Ice" which is a walk through display of sculptures made entirely from ice. After that of course, there are pictures from our own Christmas on a 80 degree Christmas morning and then Christmas in NY. See if you can spot the "cousinly love" photo of Bryce and Kay-Kay.
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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Kay-Kay and my monkey pajamas

On Christmas eve, we went down to Rod & Betty's for
pizza. We had good food, lively conversation, and we
laughed a lot!

After dinner and a little bit of packing, we
opened the gifts from our stockings. This is
a Veggie Tales toothbrush that plays a "medley"
of silly songs while you brush your teeth. :)

Kay getting another present from her stocking.

She can't figure out why she has to open more
once she opens one and there is something she
wants to play with or look at. We should have just
given her one present a day up to Christmas because
she was kind of getting distressed last night that we
kept making her open more.
For three years now, Kaelyn has gotten sock
monkey pjs from Target. She opens them before
Christmas so she can where them Christmas eve
night. This year, Target also had them for adults - at
least women. Thus our [kind of] matching pjs.

Cozy living room

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care:
And here's a picture of the tree - not that you all care. :)
Ha, ha - I can rhyme.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas magic!

I really don't have time to be on the computer right this minute as I have one more bag to unpack and a load of laundry ready to come out of the dryer but I just wanted to show you all what we were up to yesterday. I have a feeling this will be about all the pictures anyone cares to see but if I can't restrain myself, I still might put a slideshow together later.

Disney at Christmas time was one of the neatest things ever to see!

Happy, Happy girl!

After seven VERY LONG weeks of separation, I have a long, lost friend back:

Need I say more? I am a very, very happy girl!
(I promised my computer to always be nice to it in the future and give it whatever it needs if it will promise to never take a long "break" like that again!)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Comfort in my own words

So I was sitting on the couch crying my eyes out the other day - don't really remember which particular day it was :). Kaelyn was doing her own thing and playing. Finally she came over to where I was and just stood beside me. She looked at me for a second then she said [repeatedly], "What's the matter? Are you okay? It's okay. Don't cry." Now for Kaelyn, that was not really her coming up with her own words of comfort because she understood what was going on. She just recognized the crying and "parroted back" phrases that are spoken to her when SHE is upset. But somehow, in a strange way, even though I knew she was just copying what she has heard said to her so many times when she's upset, it was still comforting all the same. Maybe it's lame, but just the sympathy from my 3 year old caused me to try to dry my tears, give her a big hug and then try to remember how blessed I really am. I guess it pays to watch what you say and how you interact with your kids because it IS going to come back to you in some way at some point somewhere. Thankfully this time, it was in a good way! :) Merry almost-Christmas to you all!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cow pictures

I was starting to post all of the cow pictures below but when I realized I had 20 some and I didn't feel like sorting through them and choosing the best ones, I decided it would just be easier to put them into a slideshow so you will have to read the post below if you want the whole story. The pictures include the first pics we took of Kay and the cow before he "left" and then lots of pictures of everyone with him when he "came back" as well as pics. from last Tuesday night. Some of my favorites are when they were trying to get the cow to fit into the convertible. It was VERY small and VERY low to the ground. He got partly into the car and we didn't think he was going to fit all the way (though he's not a big guy w/out the costume). Somehow he squeezed in which was quite humorous.
Also, you will notice only one picture without the cow in it. It is a pic. I missed in the parade pictures posted below so I threw it in here. It is Kevin filling the convertible up before he and I returned it after the parade. It is NOT meant to imply that he is a cow even though the title of this post is "Cow pictures" and all the other pictures have cows in them! :) He's so glad to be married to such a smart-alech as me. As a matter of fact, he likes it so much that he's constantly saying he hopes our daughter is just as sarcastic and smart-alechy as me - though I suppose he could be saying that just because he's hoping for retribution NOT because he finds me so charming! :)-
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Chistmas hustle and bustle - part 2

A week ago this past Saturday was the annual Hobe Sound Christmas Parade. Kevin's company was in the parade again this year. They (HSBR Insurance) teamed up with our local Stuart Chick-fil-A for the parade. Kevin and Rod rented a convertible and then the general manager of Chick-fil-A along with Kevin, Rod, several of Rod's kids and their friends, one of Kevin and Rod's employees and the Santa Cow from Chick-fil-A all rode/walked in the parade. Besides handing out stuff from HSBR Insurance, they also handed out coupons for free shakes at Chick-fil-A that also had HSBR's name and info. on them. After the parade was over, a bunch of us hung out at the office, which is conveniently located right on the main street of Hobe Sound and the parade. Kaelyn LOVED the Santa cow. She didn't really notice it during the parade but once they all came back to the office she ran right up to it and hugged it. He picked her up and was dancing around with her and she loved it! When they took him into one of the back rooms of the office to change, she "camped" outside the door wating for the cow to come back out. Everyone tried to tell her that the cow was all gone but she was still trying to get into the room she saw him go into. When we finally convinced her that he was gone, she burst into tears. The guy (who had been the cow) felt so bad that he said he would put the costume back on again, which worked out nicely because everyone wanted to get pictures with him anyway. He did a fantastic job and was hilarious even though it was his first time to be in the cow costume. It was also quite warm that day so he was a good sport to get back into the costume. Kaelyn was thrilled when he (the cow) came back out and danced with her some more.
The following two Tuesday evenings for family night at Chick-fil-A, they had/are having the Santa cow there for pics. We went last Tues. half afraid that Kay would be so obsessed w/the cow again that it would be a problem but she did okay. She went over to him several times when there was no one else over there and she was happy just to sit in his lap. Now mind you, she won't get anywhere near the Santa Clauses at the mall and stuff but she LOVES the santa cow! (AND NO SHE'S NOT GETTING A COW FOR CHRISTMAS!)

Waiting for the parade to start.

Kay-Kay and I and my friend Larissa before the parade
started. (We had a great spot reserved in front of the
office where a bunch of us sat.)

Kay in a Statute of Liberty hat that she got from
Liberty Tax Service.

The sign for Kevin and Rod's "float".

HSBR insurance and Chick-fil-A - Kevin said everyone
LOVED the cow!

Kevin and Robyn handing out "goodies"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good Christian Men Rejoice

A couple of months ago we ordered Kaelyn a couple of Cedarmont Kids Christmas DVDs. They are really cute because the kids are dressed up and doing different Christmasy things from sleigh rides, to nativity scenes, to playing in the snow as they sing Christmas songs. Kaelyn loves music so she has picked up on quite a few songs this season from the DVDs and other places. Out of more than 30 songs on the 2 DVDs, of course one of her favorite songs HAD to be "Good Christian Men Rejoice". I had a bad feeling about it when the first time she watched the movie she kept starting the song over again. Now it's not that I DISLIKE the song necessarily and if that song is on your list of common and favorite Christmas carols then you won't find it strange at all. But for me, "Good Christian Men Rejoice" is not one of those carols I find myself humming and listening to over and over throughout the Christmas season. So tonight after she had her bath and I had read her a Christmas story, I was singing some Christmas songs while she was still on my lap. We sang "Joy to the World", "Away in a Manger", "Angels We have Heard on High", etc. I was hoping to get by without having to sing "Good Christian Men Rejoice" - partly just because I don't know the words that well, though I DO know the song much better this season than I ever have before. Of course silly me for thinking that we were going to have a Christmas singspiration without singing that one! So I start singing "Good Christian Men Rejoice" especially enjoying the parts where you sing "Give you heed to what they say" at which point you emphatically half sing,half say, "News! News!" or "Joy! Joy" (depending on which verse you're on or whether you have the words mixed up) "Jesus Christ was born today..." Well, I WAS getting mixed up so I was kind of mumbling through some of the phrases, which is NOT acceptable to an avid fan of the "Good Christian Men Rejoice" fan club. I made the mistake of singing "He has COME FROM Heaven's door", which really doesn't make much sense but anyway.. I was promptly stopped by, "Uh no, no, no!" So while I was trying to figure out what I had just sung and obviously sung incorrectly, Kaelyn said, "No! He has opened heaven's door" So I went back and re-sang the phrase but by that point I was so tickled at the whole thing that I just started laughing. Leave it to Kaelyn to have a favorite song like that! Oh well, it's better than her version of Jingle Bells that she sang last year when she was 2 1/2 that sounded EXACTLY like she was saying a cuss word when she sang it. It was quite embarrassing when she decided to belt it out when we were walking through the Christmas section of Wal-mart or anywhere else even though it was completely innocent.
P. S. If "Good Christian Men Rejoice" is one of your favorite songs, please don't take offense. I just think it's an odd choice to be a favorite of a three year old.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chistmas hustle and bustle

I am going to try to catch up on my blogging in the next few days. I was hoping to have my own computer back by now but it is still in the computer hospital. :( Oh well, someday...
The last couple weekends have been crazy busy for us but in a good way. Hobe Sound Ministries puts on a huge Christmas production including a singing Christmas tree, drama, snow, angels descending from the ceiling on the Hallelujah Chorus etc. This year the program was just phenomenal. The first two songs were sung by an ensemble of "carolers" before they actually showed the tree. During those songs, there were all kinds of Christmasy things going on. There were little ones dressed as elves, reindeer, snow angels, presents, trees, etc. Kaelyn was an elf which meant we had to go for at least the first song every night. Tuesday of that week was dress rehearsal, Wed. was the first performance for the Church people and then Fri., Sat. and Sun. there were thousands of people there. We went for the whole program Saturday night and enjoyed it so much that we also went for the whole thing again Sunday night. All Kay-Kay had to do was walk around, wave, and look cute. She didn't actually wave but she DID look pretty cute! :)
This slideshow is from various nights of the program so they are mixed up as far as content. I apologize for the non-Christmasy smilebox template but as I have explained before, it is one of a couple slideshows I actually paid for so I use it so I can use my own music and this particular one orients itself to the pics. so I don't have pics. getting cut off at the top or bottom. Because of not having my computer with my own photo editing software, I wasn't able to fix the red-eye, which bugs me greatly but I'll have to live with it. Hopefully tomorrow I can post pictures of the Christmas parade last Saturday as well as Kay-Kay with the Chick-fil-A cow (which she was obsessed with!)

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

All I want for Christmas is... a 5 piece chicken nuggets.

Kay-Kay doesn't have two-way conversations with anyone very often. That doesn't mean she doesn't know what's going on but she just doesn't communicate it necessarily. We were at Kohls the other evening and the cashier was talking to her. Kaelyn mainly was saying random things about Christmas to the woman because we had just been back in the Christmas section. Then the lady said, "What is Santa Clause going to bring you this Christmas?" (after asking her several other questions without much of a [sensible] response). Kaelyn said, "Umm, ummm, a five piece chicken nuggets." The lady said, "You're getting chicken nuggets for Christmas?" Kaelyn said, "And a small fries". I was about to die laughing and the other guy behind the register as well as the cashier were laughing. Kaelyn later also added "a small sprite" to the list. I didn't bother to explain to the people that because they were behind a counter (like the people are at Wendy's) and Kaelyn didn't understand the question she just assumed the desired response was to place her typical Wendy's order. When we go inside the restaurant, she walks right up to the counter and says, "Yeah, I would like a 5-piece chicken nuggets, a value (or small) fries, and a value sprite please". I guess Christmas shopping for her will be much easier than I thought. Now what would the rest of you like for Christmas - Wendy's, McDonalds, Subway, or Arby's? :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Teacher in Outer Space!

Today my class was doing a reading comprehension activity about the first dog and chimpanzee to go into outer space. Space travel is a topic that always seems to interest students of that age so we ended up having quite a discussion about shuttle missions etc. Somehow the topic came up of civilians going into outer space. I told the class that the first civilian chosen that was supposed to go into space was a teacher. I explained how thousands of teachers wrote essays which were then judged and Christa McCauliffe won the contest. I shared the story briefly of the space shuttle explosion. (Of course because we are in Fl., many of the kids have been to Cape Canaveral). We got ready to move on to the next subject and one of the kids spoke up and said, "Well Mrs. Mosenthin, if they ever ask you to do that thing, just tell them that you are sick and can't do it." I was so confused as to what he was talking about that I didn't really say anything and then some of the other kids chimed in, "Yeah, if they want you to do that writing thing just tell them you can't do it because we wouldn't want the same thing to ever happen to you!" When it finally dawned on me what they were talking about I was quite tickled. I assured them that I didn't think they had to worry about me ever winning a writing contest OR going into outerspace. I thought it was quite cute!