Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mommy/Daughter day out

I had several different coupons, gift cards, etc. for different places so today Kaelyn and I went on a little "outing". We actually only ended up with some much needed clothes for Kaelyn and a couple of things for Kevin before I was "shopped out" but we still had a good time. We started out eating a late lunch/early supper at Chili's and then we headed to the mall to go to JC Penney. We only went to Penneys at the mall and then we headed over to Kohl's. By the time we were done there, we were ready to call it a day (other than our regular grocery shopping). :) Here are a few [not very good] pictures:

A couple quick pictures Kevin took of us before
we left.

She thought she was hilarious of course and
wanted me to take a picture of this.

Lunch together.

A fuzzy attempt at a self portrait.


A few pictures taken this month:

I reorganized Kaelyn's room recently and set
up a bunch of her toys in the closet and I have
seen her in there several times happily playing away.

By the way, my intention was not to make her
play in the closet by herself but I guess it's easier
than dragging the toys out (and it IS easier to
clean up).

Kay figured out this past Sunday that
if you play peek-a-boo with Wyatt, he
grins and laughs so she decided to try
it herself - cute!

The first time Kay has ever actually
wanted to hold Wyatt.

It's almost as if she realized for the first
time that he's an actual human and laughs,
smiles, and likes to play. :)

I'm not sure what was going on here - her
father took the pictures and I just saw them...

... But I can assure you we do NOT abuse
her or lock her up. :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Okay, so I'm a little behind

I don't really have any new exciting pictures to post but I have actually had some pictures sitting in a folder on my desktop for a couple weeks that I wanted to post. Some of these I posted on facebook back in December so some of you have seen them.
Back at Christmas time when Kaelyn's class went to their Christmas party, one of the items they each received in their gift bags from "Santa" was a disposable camera. Kaelyn did not initially know what it was but it didn't take her long to not only figure out that it was a camera but also how to use it. She and one of her best buddies that had just gotten moved to a different class had a blast taking pictures of each other. They must have each snapped a dozen [of the same] pictures. There was also $5 in each gift bag to use for developing the pictures. We haven't developed the pictures yet but I'm sure there are all kinds of interesting ones on there. :) She enjoyed it so much that we got her another disposable camera that I just happened to find on sale and we used it as a stocking stuffer for her. I think she took about 10 pictures of the Christmas tree on that one! :)

As soon as she saw the teacher's get the cameras out of
the bags and start taking pictures for the kids, she got
right into it. This is her friend Jett.

They just stood there and kept snapping pictures of
each other. The other little boy was someone from
Jett's class.

Aren't they cute? :)

Then when we got home, Kay took a bunch
of Minnie Mouse. Hopefully I'll get a video
clip of that posted as well.

You had to hear her to get the full benefit of the photo

I'm not sure if she ever really could see through the
teeny little viewfinder.

Minnie Mouse is actually quite photogenic. :)

Yeah, she might have a lot of unidentifiable pictures
because half the time her finger covered up the flash. :)

I decided to go ahead and post the videos here rather than
making a new post. Sorry about the slideshow format. I
tried loading the videos directly to my blog but after waiting
for more than an hour, the first one still had not loaded so I
just put them in a slideshow and it was much quicker. There
are 2 video clips with 2 blank slides in between them. The
videos are very similar but they are short.

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A few cute pictures

These pictures of Kaelyn and Buster were taken right before Christmas - Christmas eve I believe. I'm not exactly sure what Kaelyn was doing other than being silly but she kept piling all the pillows on top of Buster and herself.

Rach, John, Wyatt and Kaelyn eating ice cream and
watching "Up" one Sunday afternoon.