Friday, October 30, 2009

More pictures

Music from: "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and "Cinderella"

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happiest Little Girl In the World!

Kaelyn has a new buddy. She says he is "like a new best friend" (not sure where she came up with that but I thought it was cute). They totally love each other. He is as ugly as can be but sweeter than about any dog I've ever seen and seems to be the perfect pet for her given some of her special needs. So here is the happiest little girl you've ever seen.

He's perfectly content to sit with her when she watches
movies or plays. He follows her pretty much every time
she walks somewhere in the house. He lets her carry
him all over the place even when she's got him all
flopped over in weird ways. He doesn't seem bothered
that she wants to "smother" him and he doesn't seem
to find her extreme affection overbearing as most other
animals do.

He can't stand it when she is up on something
or in somewhere where he can't get to her.
When I give her a bath, he has to be right in
the bathroom and he will climb up like this
off and on until I get her out.

Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm 30 *sigh*

I've already posted pictures from the surprise get together in Orlando with my family and of course on my actual we were at the parks. The day after my, my mom and Joy were flying back home so on the way to the airport they, along with Rach and John, stopped by for a while and they had brought a cake and balloons. We weren't really that shocked when we got the cake out when Kevin got home from work and Kaelyn ran and found the princess toppers. So of course I had my turn of getting a princess cake - well fitting for a princess such as myself. (You can stop laughing now - I know that the last thing I seem to be is "princessly" unfortunately).

The cake didn't make it to the surprise meal because
of an unforseen lack of a crucial ingredient. The
baker - that would be my mom - didn't realize there
were no eggs when she started the cake and since
Rach and John don't exactly live down the street
from a grocery store or chickens, the cake effort had
to be ditched temporarily.

That actually turned out being fine since many of us
had stuffed ourselves full of Cici's desert pizza and
cinnamon rolls already. (I don't think any of us had
six cinnamon rolls per person like the large people
sitting at the table next to us but that's another story-
and I'm NOT exaggerating by the way!)

The princess cake.

Happy Birthday to me.
Here are some more pictures. Since we don't have our pic. CD from Disney photopass yet these are all from our camera. Most of them are snapshots and places where we took pictures where there was not a photographer (non-character greetings etc.) The first ones are the three of us on Cinderella's carousel. Thankfully, we can usually get by with riding that only once now instead of every time we go near it like we used to have to do when we were there. There are a lot more things now Kaelyn remembers and likes to do so that makes it nice. The next 4 are a lunchtime photo shoot - sort of. :) We had gone up front by the lockers to eat our lunch. Kaelyn had fallen asleep in her stroller and Kevin and I were sitting on a bench finishing our lunch while we rested in the shade and watched all sorts of interesting people come and go. I decided to do a self-portrait of the two of us. After the first picture, I said, "Okay, let's do one more because I always look like I just saw a ghost when I try to do a self-portrait." We were kind of laughing as we did the second one. Then Kevin said, "Take another one." Unbeknowns to me, he was staring with bug eyes when I took the picture so when I saw it I laughed and laughed. Then we did one more and he crossed his eyes that time. Normally I'm the one goofing off not him so I was really tickled 'cause I knew at some point they would be great blackmail pictures and he would regret his momentary lapse into silliness. We actually sat there for more than an hour because it was so hot out and it felt nice just to sit and relax in the shade - and besides, you would be surprised at all the interesting people you see wanting to rent wheel chairs and strollers.

Gotta' love the Tigger backpack! (We picked it up
for a few bucks at a souvenir shop the night before
we went to the parks and she LOVED it and got
lots of comments about it.)

Still not sure why I stare when I am doing the whole
self portrait thing.

Take two.

Me smiling innocently for the picture while Kevin
decides to get cute. :)

These will re-appear someday you can be sure! :)

Kaelyn fell asleep holding her park map and
she slept the whole time we ate lunch and
waited for the parade. She got a nice, long
2 hour nap.

Getting a spot for the parade.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm back!

So I know that I said that I was going to try to post a few new pictures from my trip every couple days. Some of you probably fell for it and believed me didn't you? Ha,ha. Just kidding - I really was serious about that. I think things have slowed down for us at least a little bit so I am going to be trying to post some more pictures. The past few weeks have been so crazy busy but we have had so much fun with everything going on. I'll try to keep the explanations brief.

These two rather scary looking pictures were taken in
one of the shows at Magic Kingdom called Mickey's
Philharmagic. It is a 3D show that combines music
and scenes from a lot of classic Disney movies into
one story featuring Donald Duck. Kaelyn absolutely
LOVES it and will sing along, reach out to touch the
the images, etc. This was the first thing she asked to
do when we got to the park Saturday. (Okay forget
what I said above about the comments being brief.)

Kevin and Kay in front of "Small World" - another
favorite ride for one of us. I won't say who but it's
not me or Kevin

Okay, so it is a classic and all 3 of us kinda' like it.

The Peter Pan ride - another great ride. These rides
are all in one area in Fantasy Land so we usually
have our little ritual of having to ride them all right
together since Kaelyn knows them all now and
knows which ride comes next.

Kay and I outside of Mickey's Philharmagic.

In front of Cinderella's carousel in Fantasy

Friday, October 16, 2009

Some pictures

Saturday, Oct. 10 - Magic Kingdom.

"City Hall" decorated for Halloween/fall.

One of our favorite dogs - Pluto.

A kiss on the nose for "her pal" Pluto.

Pluto dropped to his knees for this pose when he found
out we were celebrating my 30'th birthday. :)

Kay's first time to meet the fairy Godmother from

We just happened to walk up right in time to see
Peter Pan with almost no one else in line. He was
so funny. He commented on Kaelyn's pink crocs -
He told her he knew a croc named tic-toc but that
probably wasn't the same as her crocs. :)

The beginning of my big birthday weekend

This past Tuesday I turned 30 - a moment of silence please for this momentous occasion ---------------- thank you. :) Ha, ha. Anyway, any unpleasant parts of turning 30 were easily forgotten because of such a great weekend. As soon as I picked Kaelyn up from school last Friday, we headed up to Orlando. Kevin had already gone up earlier in the day because he had a convention up there to attend. We met up at the hotel. Just as a sideline, we are still benefiting from Kevin's many years of traveling for his previous job. We were able to use motel points (yet again) for a nice motel with a small refrigerator and microwave and a free full breakfast in the mornings - never underestimate the power of a free full breakfast. :) Coupled with our Disney passes and our killer ability to make great sandwiches/lunches to store in a locker for later consumption at the parks, we had a great time for not a great amount of money. :) But first, there was the surprise. After much stalling, extra "shopping", and unpacking Friday night, we went to a nearby Cici's pizza for a late supper. Part of the way through our meal, most of my family walked in. My mom and Joy were already down here but everyone else came in from all directions: my brother flew in all the way from California so that was pretty big for me; my sister from Indiana made the long trip down with her family after she had been terribly sick for days and days prior and I'm sure she just wanted to stay home in bed; even my sister from FL was making a pretty big trip since she and her husband are trying to adjust to a newborn schedule (interpreted: a little bit of sleep here and a tiny bit of sleep there); my dad had also flown in a few days earlier and was at my house one day unbeknowns to me. Well, now that I have made all my family members sound like they were martyrs for the cause, I'm sure you can tell why I was so thrilled that they all came. :) Unfortunately, the surprise had been planned just a few days prior whereas our disney trip has been planned for months so I had to say goodbye to most of them that same night. :) I kind of wanted to cry about that part of it but I was just thrilled that they had all come. I didn't really think that they would but I guess way down deep a little part of me had hoped they might come at some point for my birthday. So that started the weekend off with a huge bang and lots of excitement. For the rest of our trip, we went to Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot - our first time to Epcot. We really had a great time and I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday trip. We got back home quite late Tuesday night. We have hundreds of pictures of course but I will spare you all. For now, I might just try to post a few new ones every day or two. If I feel compelled later I might make a slideshow but I'm pretty sure you all feel as if you've seen enough disney pictures from this particular blog. The following pictures are basically the beginning of the weekend.

Kaelyn, Emilee, and Joy. Kaelyn was so disappointed
when we had to leave the restaurant Friday. She
couldn't figure out why Emilee couldn't come with us.

My parents, brother, and so on and so forth... :)

My Dad, brother, brother-in-law, and sister Rachel
(and new nephew Wyatt).

Ahhh... Welcome to the Magic Kingdom.

A quick picture by some "scenery" on the
way up to the ticketing area.