Sunday, May 31, 2009

sunset pictures

We were walking around at the resort Friday evening on our vacation. The place is huge and has lots of stuff. While we were walking around by the [resort] lake the sun was setting. We stopped on this [golf] tee off spot to get some pictures. Here are a few favorites.

No, she wasn't doing this to pose for us but
it turned out awfully cute anyways. (I think
that she was doing "body is still" because we
kept telling her to stand still because she
wanted to run off.)

This was the best we could get. She doesn't
stay still very long.
I have lots and lots of pictures and lots
and lots of vacation pictures. Still trying to
decide if and which ones anyone cares to see.
Hope you enjoyed these ones!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy birthday Kaelyn!

Four years ago today after I was induced the night before and in labor all night, Kaelyn Marie arrived around 5 something in the morning. She was a whopping 4 pounds and 11 ounces. She was just so unbelievably tiny that I think both Kevin and I felt a little lost as to what to do with her. :) Looking back at pictures of her not only as a newborn but as a baby, it's hard to imagine it's even the same person. We had no idea back then what her personality would be like and some of the struggles she would have. We loved her so much then but had no idea how much our love would grow as she got older. Today, given the choice, I wouldn't change a thing about her and I hope she always knows how much we love her and are proud of her. Happy birthday Kay-Kay!
I was going to post a few newborn pictures and annual pictures but as I was looking through old pictures, it was just so much fun seeing them that I decided to post a bunch - and I DO mean a bunch. I imagine most of you (except grandparents, etc.) will get bored with it a third of the way down but that's okay - I enjoyed myself! :)

I just love the size perspective of these 2 (the one
above and below). She doesn't even look real in my
lap and you can see in the lower one that she wasn't
even as big as our placemats on the table!
A couple months old
Even a lot of preemie clothes were too big. We went
to Build a Bear when my family was here and bought
several items for her. My mom sewed the tail holes
up (since they were for stuffed animals) and they fit
her just perfectly. The visor and skirt here were both
from there.
This one cracks me up. Notice what her onsie from
Rach says - then look at her face!
Can you tell which one is real and which one is the
baby doll? (And look at who else has grown up a lot!)
Her first Halloween costume - she will
be absolutely mortifed one day I think!
I of course, think it's adorable.
Our first Christmas picture as a family - I wish
she would cooperate that well for pictures now!
This has always been a favorite of mine!
First birthday - I don't think she was really
that impressed by all the hoopla! :)
Partied out!
Kaelyn's second Christmas (2006)

Once again - one day she will be mortified - but
in all fairness, it was her doing to be going
around with the rag on her head. She went
through a phase of doing that and we never
figured out why. She would get a clean
(thankfully) rag out of the cupboard and put
it on her head while she played or watched a

She was fast asleep on her changing table here.

Christmas of 2007 - it doesn't seem like
it's been a year and a half already since
we took this picture!

Third birthday party - also seems like it just

LOVE these hat pictures from last fall!

You can see that they have both done
a lot of growing and getting cuter in the
last four years!

Vacation last week
...And hopefully, some fourth birthday
pictures to come soon.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Saturday, May 16 - Magic Kingdom

I loved the way Mary Poppins had Kaelyn hold her
umbrella for this pose. The characters at Disney are
so amazing the way they play their parts so believably.

This is just a zoomed in copy of the picture

Friday, May 15, 2009

Character Breakfast/Hollywood Studios

These pictures are pretty much for Rach and John - I don't think anyone else will care about them. Our character breakfast was just over the top awesome yesterday! I think Kaelyn thought she was in Heaven. Because we had the first or second reservation time slot, it was not crowded at all. It was starting to get quite busy by the time we left but each of the 4 characters came by our table two times during the time we were there. Every 10 minutes or so, someone got up with the characters and sang songs from the various playhouse disney shows. We've got great video clips of her dancing and singing the hot dog song and Mickey Mouse club house songs with the characters and other kids. We were worried about HER not eating much? ... We were just as bad. She was so excited and there was so much going on, Kevin had trouble going up to get his food 'cause he was scared he'd miss something! She was so, so thrilled!

She saw a couple of them through the windows so she
was about beside herself the 5 minutes we had to wait
to go in.

These are just a small assortment of pictures that we
got during the breakfast. Notice the Mickey shaped
waffles on her plate (which she didn't touch) and in
that same picture the look on her face at seeing one
of the characters coming over our way.
This was outside a show that had the 4 major
playhouse disney shows involved.
This is a story all of its own that I will have
to share with you later. Mickey got a HUGE
kick out of her trying to copy his every pose
and he purposely sat there and did poses
because everyone was getting such a kick out
of watching her.

This was our one food splurge in the parks
(besides the character breakfast). We've
been packing our own lunches, snacks, and
freezing water bottles and then just buying
the eve. meals. She is still talking [today]
about eating ice cream at Hollywood Studios.
She and I shared this while Kevin rode a
couple rides we weren't interested/not big
enough to ride.