Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some pictures for browsin'

I can't even tell you how much I LOVE this picture!  It is DEFINITELY a favorite and I imagine will be even 20 years from now.  :-)

I just love these next couple.  This was on one of our Disney trips after Kay-Kay had had a bath and was ready for bed.

She loves reading this book.  (She loves reading any book really.)

I love this one too - especially the little girl's braids.  :-)

And this is a current favorite too right now - mostly because of K's "look".

One of the groups of street musicians at Magic Kingdom.  These guys play familiar Disney tunes more "country" style back in Frontierland.
  They were walking around playing and stopped to play for all of us waiting in line to see Woody and Jessie.

Kev wanted to get a picture of K with them so he had her turn around and stand in front of them.  She was totally oblivious to the fact that they were "posing" behind her.  ;

Woody with K's Jessie toy.  Both Woody and Jessie got a huge kick out of the toy once Woody discovered that it talked and said phrases that Jessie says.

Kaelyn and I getting ready to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (roller coaster).

Another ride on Big Thunder roller coaster.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Christmas Pictures: Yep more!

The fun never ends for these guys.  :-)

Wyatt loves "talking" on the phone whether the object he has really does happen to be a phone or just something he thinks is one.

Look, Kevin caught John whistling.  :)

The guys got the coolest wind-up toys in their stockings.  They were quite amusing and entertaining to watch (the toys that is - well, maybe the guys too)  :-)

Bud's was a little seal.

Leah and Rach

Another fun gag gift of sorts - a talking fly swatter.


Aaron and John.

Some of the kiddos

Oh look!  John's still whistling.  :-) 

Chocolate AND twizzlers all together?!  Too good to be true!  :-)

Ever wonder what it looks like after Christmas in a family with 18 people?  :-)
Can anyone say cyclone?

Adorable niece (and beautiful little sister)

I interrupt my current blogging "theme" of family snapshots to bring you this post featuring my adorable newest niece (newest not counting the one who will be arriving here in a few weeks)  :-)   These pictures are mainly for her mama's benefit (I don't think Net has seen most of them) and maybe a couple of her aunts and her Nana but if the rest of you like cute picture of babies, you are welcome to look at them too.  :)

My baby sister Joy with baby Courtney - sorry Joy, you'll always be the baby sister.  :-)

So this one's more funny than cute but still worth posting. :-)

Love this effect of the camera even if not completely perfected yet.

This is one of my favorites!

Joy and Courtney

You can't see much of Courtney here but this is a cute one of Joy.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that Courtney is one of the happeist babies ever.  I hardly heard her cry and she breaks into the biggest smiles all the time!