Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sea World

These are pictures from yesterday when we were at SeaWorld.

For those of you who are not on facebook - The other day I said, "Hey Kaelyn, do you like my new sunglasses?"  She looked at me for a couple seconds and then said, "Well, they look interesting."  :-)

When we first stood here to get pictures, we didn't realize that you could actually walk up behind the wall and climb on the whales.  A SeaWorld photographer saw us and offered to get a picture of us and pointed out the fact that we could sit on the whales.  I think we look as silly as can be but that's okay.  :-)

I think this is just too cute!

There is a whole kiddie section of the park with a HUGE playground, rope climbing area, sand to play in, a water area, a pirate ship you can play on along with 4 or 5 kids-sized rides.  This was the little kid's roller coaster.

It's supposed to look like you're riding a whale if you couldn't tell.  :-)

Kay climbing up the rope "bridge" to the ship.

The "pirate" ship.  I'm actually not sure if it's supposed to be a pirate ship or just a regular ship but Kaelyn thought it was a pirate ship.

Drums in another area of the playground.

Kaelyn talked me into climbing back up with her onto the ship so we could pretend we were pirates fighting.  She didn't have to do too much talking actually.  :-D

We had quite a vicious battle jumping off the steps running around and yelling "Argh!"  :-)  This was where I pretended to throw her overboard the ship - just kidding.  We were just pausing long enough for Kevin to get a picture from down below.

Kaelyn with one of the main actors from the Clyde and Seymour sea lion show.

Kaelyn desperately wanted to feed the sea lions but she was entertained for a LONG time just watching others throw fish to them.  Kevin surprised her and bought some of the fish so that she could feed them.

She LOVED watching the seals and sea lions! She even chose to stay there longer and keep watching them rather than doing some other things before we had to leave.


Miniature golf

Last Friday night, the three of us played mini golf as the first part of a little mini vacation for K's spring break.  We're back home now (we got home last night) and I'm quite proud of myself for having everything unpacked, all the bags, coolers, etc. put away and I'm about half way through the laundry we brought back.  Ready now to start into a little bit of cleaning that I didn't get done before we left last Friday.

In front of the entrance

The cutest little golfer.  :-)

These "brooms and buckets" up above would dump water one bucket at a time if you walked through on the sidewalk area in front of the sensor just right.

These are from the original Fantasia movie from "The Sorcerer's Apprentice".  You can see here the first two buckets have started to dump.

Final hole.

P. S.  I feel like I am [finally] starting to crawl out of a dark tunnel after months and months which may mean I will feel more inspired or interested in blogging.  No promises though!  :-)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March Things :-)

So what have we been up to?  Well, not really too much exciting.  Kaelyn has her first "real" field trip tomorrow and she is VERY excited - she gets to ride a school bus.  :-)  One of her teachers said that all the "car riders" find it exciting since it's a novelty for them.  Tomorrow night, the three of us are going to Disney on Ice and then Friday starts Kay's spring break.  Other than that, nothing newsworthy.  So here are some pictures that you might find funny/interesting:

I think you can see why this picture is "different".  And yes, the little, pink princess camera is just a pretend one.  Kevin and I both feel a little bit sheepish when Kay makes the characters wait on her while she "takes their picture" before she goes up to see them - but that's just Kay-Kay and everyone is good natured about it if not just plain amused.

This was kind of funny.  Kevin and I thought it was cute that Goofy was dressed as a pirate back by the Pirates of Caribbean ride.  Kaelyn was NOT interested in seeing him at all.  She stated firmly (over and over I might add) as we waited in line, "Girls DON'T like pirates!  They just like princesses and fairies.  BOYS like pirates. "  We assured her that that was fine and she could just wait on us.  When we got up there, she actually did talk to him and get her picture taken after Kevin and I did because pirate or not, boy or girl, who can resist Goofy?  :-)

And for being so anti-pirate for no other reason than that she's a girl, we sure had a blast having a "sword fight" in the store right outside the ride.  Okay, maybe it was my idea but she thought it was fun too and I can't help it that I'm a kid at heart.

And then there's Daddy who is also a kid at heart at times though his comes out a lot more infrequently than mine.  We've seen these "build your own light saber" things before (light sabers are from Star Wars for those of you who are clueless about that kind of thing like I am).  Kevin always glances over longingly at all the little kids (and sometimes "big kids") making their own light sabers complete with lights and sounds. Ususally he walks on by probably for fear that his "I thinks Star Wars looks silly" wife will tease him.  But his wife has agreed to watch one once sometime before she continues to make such harsh judgments and this time Kay found them fascinating - I think maybe because of our previous sword fight.  :)  So, Kay and Daddy had a light saber battle (or whatever the battles are called when you fight with light sabers).  Anyway, I thought this was a cute picture of the two of them.

Besides her pretend camera, Kaelyn also had her pretend cell phone with her this particular time.  She wore the Jessie costume for just a couple hours after seeing Woody and Jessie.  She was a couple steps behind us and when I looked back and saw her walking along like this looking every bit like a cowgirl having a completely serious phone conversation, I just had to have a picture.  A lot of people were laughing as they walked by but she never realized that people thought it was cute, because she was so involved in her imaginary phone call.

She got this stuffed Dopey for Valentines.  He's holding a heart that says "Dopey loves Kaelyn".  She took him with us when we rode the Snow White ride.

I wish.  *Sigh*  :-)

Flower and Garden Festival is the ABSOLUTE best time to be at Epcot! I have so many beautiful pictures like this of flowers and plants and topiaries.

Kaelyn has to take all her "pals" with her to the parks.  They are stuffed animals (or in this case, plush characters).  She came up with the idea that they were her "pals" sometime back and she truly loves them.  You should see her bed when she sleeps at night.  She also has to bring them out to the living room if she is watching a movie that they are "featured in".  :)  We had them all laying in a pile on the floor except for Donald Duck because she had him while she was visiting Donald.  When Goofy saw them, he came over and sat down on the floor and started "playing" with them.  When she finished with Donald and saw Goofy sitting there with all her toys, she just thought that was the funniest thing ever.  We've never had anything like that happen before.  When they got ready for a picture, he had her sit down with him and made sure all the characters were around them.  She was thrilled!!!  :-)

Toy Story topiaries - oh yeah, and us - out front.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I do not normally think of gorillas as being that cute - humorous and entertaining to watch, yes, but not cute.  But look at this picture and see if you don't think it's adorable - at least kind of - in a gorilla sort of way:

I think it's one of those "so ugly it's cute" kind of things.  It seems like most baby animals tend to be cute just because of the fact that they ARE babies.  Kaelyn and I thought he was adorable anyway.  ('Course Kay thinks all animals are cute whether they are or not!) One of the last times we were at Disney's Animal Kingdom, we were looking at the gorillas and they had just recently let this little guy out with the other big gorillas.

He was very playful.  Though he is somewhat hidden in this picture, if you look closely, you can see that he was hanging off some bamboo or a branch here.

He was just so little compared to the other humongous gorillas.

And look!  Even elephants are cute when they are babies. 

Somewhat of a random post given the fact I haven't blogged in awhile but I have been wanting to post the picture of the baby gorilla.  It is currently a favorite picture of Kaelyn's and she even has it as her "desktop background" on her laptop.  Yep, she got Daddy's old computer and while it was very inadequate for his work and computer needs, it works quite well for her.  So there you go, a bit of random cuteness (or just plain weird randomness).