Sunday, December 15, 2013

Kaelyn's Christmas Program

Last Thursday night was Kaelyn's Christmas program at school.  It has been years since she has been in anything like this so she was very excited.  When the kids got out on stage, Kaelyn started waving and waving as soon as she spotted us.  I saw her trying to point out where we were to one of her classmates that was standing next to her.  :-)
Mrs. Hammond, the principal, doing announcements while the kids get into place.

(For Mama and whoever else was teasing Kaelyn about Paw Paw being as cute as Logan: Logan is in the row right behind Kaelyn two boys over looking at her out of the corner or his eye.  :-)

Motions to one of the first songs.  You can see the intensity on Kaelyn's face.



This amuses me.  She obviously noticed that Kevin was taking a picture and looked right at him and smiled great big.  :-)

Out of all the elementary/TCAP (autism program) kids, Kaelyn was definitely one of the most enthusiastic performers.  I love her enthusiasm!

"This is Bizarre! This is berserk!"

The story line of the program was a group of kids that were supposed to be acting out the Christmas story but they get the wrong costumes.  So instead of having wisemen, shepherd, and angel costumes etc., they got cowboy, pirate, and cheerleading costumes.  They decide to improvise and the three wisemen end up dressed as cowboys.  The third graders all came down and put cowboy hats on while everyone sang the wisemen's song.


Kaelyn stepped over a little and accidentally stepped down on the first step.  She lost her balance and nearly fell down the second step.  Fortunately, she caught herself so she didn't become a tumbling cowboy.  :-)

At the end of the song, they all took their hats off and threw them into the crowd.  :-)

The "angels" ended up with cheerleading costumes in the story so they proclaimed the good news of Jesus' birth in cheerleader fashion.  Kay got to be one of the kids who came up and helped do the cheerleading part of the song.  She was so excited when the music teacher offered to let her be one of the cheerleaders and she took her "job" very seriously.


Singing one of the last songs, "A Christmas Love Song".

Singing the last song.

Oh yeah, one more thing: I think that we were the only parents whose kid bowed enthusiastically several times when the audience was clapping and clapping at the end of the program.  :-)  Well done Kay-girl, well done!