Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Old Friends and Sunday Afternoon Fun

I have sworn off blogging (to myself) as I don't think I ever have anything interesting to share but my mama has been at me several times (in e-mails etc.) to blog again and when your mama tells you to do somthing... well, you know.  :)
I wasn't even sure what to blog so I decided to just post some pictures from this past week.

Val and I
Thursday afternoon, I got a call from my friend Larissa saying that Val, a college friend or ours, was in town and wanted to get together.  It has been AGES since I saw her and we all hung out so I was quite excited.  She and her family had made the LONG trip down from where they pastor in Michigan to bring a young man to HSBC's Welcome Week.  I have not hung out with friends and laughed till I cried in years.  The later it got, the gigglier we all got.  All I can say about that night is, it is SO refreshing to laugh with old friends!

Larissa, Val, and I and Val's two little ones, Cambria and Jaida.
For some reason, this is where the "point of no return" in the giggling came.

Kelly, Val, and Larissa
(I know this is going to appear to some as if we were feeling Asian but we didn't have anyone there to get pictures of all of us at the time so we had to do it this way.)

...And Kelly, Val, and I

Now, totally switching gears...
We worked very hard in the house and stayed in most of the day Saturday and got a lot of major sorting accomplished.  Sunday afternoon was gray and windy but it didn't actually rain so we enjoyed the outdoors.  First, we went down to the beach for just a bit, then we drove around Jupiter Island looking at houses and just enjoying the drive.  After that we went to a little spot on the island that is just a beautiful place to walk around and relax.  Unfortunately, we only had our phones with us and not the "real" camera so the pictures we got aren't great quality but everything was so pretty and we were enjoying ourselves so much that we ended up taking quite a few snapshots.  Kaelyn has changed so much all the sudden it seems and is looking so much more grown up these days.  I am startled every time I look at these pictures.

At the beach

I'm not sure where she got this idea but she wanted to make a heart with her fingers and then have me take a picture.  So, there's her heart, such as it is.

I gave Kevin my phone and asked him to come down to the walkway and take a picture of me and Kay.  When I was looking at the pictures later, I saw this.  I assume since he did this clever pose, he meant for it to be posted for all to see.

Yep, pretty much love this picture.

Jupiter Island

Pardon the little bit of belly.  The picture was just too good to pass up sharing.

One of the hedges on the walking path, has this little (?) tunnel or keyhole trimmed out of it.