Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fun Photo Shoot (Hollywood Studios)

So, "photo shoot" might be too official of a word for what these pictures are.  When we were at Hollywood Studios on vacation, Rach and I decided to stop and take a bunch of pictures by an "old" street sign and suitcases.  Not great pictures, but certainly fun - and we had fun doing it.  It was well into the evening so one kid was out for the count and the other one was quite tired.  :)

(I did several zoomed and further out because it's harder to see the "subjects" in the ones taken further back but the surroundings are neat to see too.)

Can you believe it?  Two otherwise great shots but in the first one my eyes are closed, in the second one, Rach's eyes are closed.

I didn't post many of Rach and John in case she wants to post or use them herself sometime.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Still "cleaning out" blog folder

I will try to be as uninformative as possible here so as to safe space and people's time.
These are more pictures from Hollywood Studios on our vacation back in May.

This is Kevin and John on the Rockin' Rollercoaster. Notice John is pretending to be sleeping. Now, mind you, one of the main "thrills" of this coaster is that you take off and go from 0 to 60 in about 2.7 seconds. :) We went back with Rach and John a couple weekends later for Star Wars Weekend at Hollywood Studios and when the two of them rode it that time, they held their light sabers for the picture.


The three photos above were all taken while we were waiting for the parade.

Pixar Parade

In the Animation Courtyard character meet and greets.  While one person waits in line, kids can play with the computers.  They can sing along or say lines from movies and the computers record your voice and play it back.  Also, you can "color" a favorite disney character by using the paint program on these particular computers.  Wyatt was "coloring" Flounder from Little Mermaid.

So lucky to get this shot since Wyatt was still a little nervous around the characters though he was excited to see them.

John with Mr. Incredible from the Incredibles movie.

John's mom, Marie with characters from The Incredibles.

Wyatt giving high five to Mr. Incredible.

John, then Kevin outside the newly re-done Star Tours ride.  It was "soft opened" that day meaning if you were back there at the right time, they might open the ride for whoever was standing around but it wasn't officially re-opened yet.  They were thrilled to get on it a couple times toward the end of the day.

In our 3-D glasses, about ready to board the new Star Tours ride.

Kevin and John on the Tower of Terror.

A serious Jedi battle going on with light sabers.  (When we were back a week and a half later for the actual Star Wars Weekend, they both "caved" and bought light sabers that light up and come complete with sound.  :-)  They even had some of the characters autograph them.)

John: "Did I look real?  Let me see."  Yep, pretty convincing if it wasn't a plastic light saber and Kevin wasn't grinning.  :-)