Friday, November 27, 2009

I just kind of stumbled across this online and thought it was so cool. It is an interview with a teacher from a Christian school who for years has made it a habit to write a letter to every one of his students on their and he continues even after they graduate.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pure Randomness 4

While I'm on a roll of posting random pictures that no one really cares about, I decided I may as well take a walk down memory lane and post pictures from all of Kaelyn's Novembers so far: (last year's Nov. pictures are in the post previous to this which is, of course, right below this post)



11/2007 (Can't help it - I love this one!)







(Now let's all say it together - awwww) Just Kidding :)

Pure Randomness 3

I thought it might be interesting to post a few pictures from November of 2008.

Getting ready for the big plane ride to NY to
surprise Joy for her 13'th

Joy and Kay-Kay.

She's done a lot of growing in the past year!
(and I have the "too small" clothes to prove

Kay getting a ride on a suitcase after we arrived at the
Orlando airport.

Pure Randomness 2

Just a few things I've done lately:

* Fooled around with the camera (we had to get a new
one a few weeks ago because our old one finally died
after having several issues)

* Was bored while I was outside waiting for the
dog - took more pictures of Kay's toys.

* Had lunch with old friends - the friends aren't old,
the friendships are old - still doesn't sound right - umm...
been friends with these ladies for awhile and hardly
ever see them anymore.

* Went to the airshow and had a great time with
my family.

Pure Randomness 1

Kaelyn's favorite ride when we were at Chuck E. Cheese
for a birthday party a few weeks ago. (Notice the screen
where you can watch "yourself" as you "race".)

Riding a horse in a race is INTENSE! :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Airshow video clips

I have some other (older) pictures to post and I also have other pictures from the airshow but before we get too far away from Veteran's Day, I wanted to post this short video clip. Every year the Stuart airshow takes place on the weekend right around Veteran's Day. There are always a lot of feelings of patriotism because there are lots of old war planes, ground equipment, and of course many veterans and current military people at the airshow. There are two things they always do at the end of the airshow that we find particularly cool. After the F-15 and or F-16 demonstration (some of our military's most modern advanced and amazing technology) they then have what they call the heritage flight. This includes an old P-51 Mustang from the WWII era, the A-11, which is still one of the most powerful and useful planes in our air force, and the (this year) F-16. Of course the P-51 has very limited capabilities in comparison to the two more modern planes but they all pass by slowly as a tribute to the history of our airforce. This "tradition" was started at airshows back in 1997 in recognition of the U.S. Airforce's 50'th anniversary (at that time). The show ends with what is called the Missing Man Formation. In this video clip, you will see the Shell aerobatics team which consists of four planes. They do their other acts earlier in the show. The four planes fly together as Taps is being played then you see one plane fly off away from the other. It represents/is a tribute to all the men and women who have given their lives in the service. It's always good to see the much deserved appreciation and respect given to our veterans and even current military. Forgive the history lesson - I can't help myself - I love [American] history and flying. :)

I decided to add this one too. It is only a few seconds long. It is a clip of the Heritage flight that I mentioned up above. It is pretty amazing to see the F-16, which can fly approximately 1500 mph at it's top speed, flying next to the P-51, which was also a great plane but it's top speed was about 440 mph.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fun stuff

Some recent snapshots for ya'll (all 5 of you who look at this blog) :)

So we found this 3D Christmas movie, complete with
the cool 3D glasses, in the $5 bin at Wal-mart. While
I probably can't be a fair critic of the movie since I
saw almost none of it, what I did see of it looked pretty
dumb. All I know is that there was a very sadistic Santa
Clause and his elves battling Snowmen with hairdryers -
in 3D of course. I know they all look excited to be
watching the 3D movie here but it didn't last long. John
and Kevin promptly got headaches from the cheap
glasses and quit watching. Kaelyn apparently had
all the "boringness" she could handle and eventually
stopped watching it as well. :)

I looked up just in time to see Buster grab one of Wyatt's
pacifiers and go running off with it. This picture doesn't
start to give the moment justice because when he first
grabbed it, he had it centered perfectly in his mouth
just like a pacifier goes in the mouth and it looked
hysterical. Dumb dog! He's gonna' drive me crazy!

The other day Kaelyn came walking into the
room I was in and this is how she looked.
She had Veteran's Day off and she was off
entertaining herself in another room while
I was working in the house. She found these
on my night stand and I thought she looked
so funny and scholarly that I had to get some

I'm going to try to make a slideshow soon with a few
pumpkin patch and Halloween pictures.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Some pictures from other times and places that I never posted

Here are some pictures from a couple months ago that I never got around to posting:

Kevin is always the "boo-boo fixer" whenever
Kaelyn gets hurt. If he's not around than I
will do but as long as he's home, Kaelyn always
goes to him if she discovers she needs medical
attention. I think it's as cute as can be. It's
amazing that she has even come this far that
she'll let us put band-aids on her now.

Here she's getting antibiotic cream put on a scratch
on her face. I'm not sure what the expression was
about. :)

And now a band-aid goes on the scratch
on her arm. I don't remember what had
happened to her here but she did get
scraped up or scratched pretty good.

Most of the time the band-aid only stays on
for a short little bit but one time recently, we
put one on her cheek by her request. She had
a red mark from bumping her cheek on the
corner of the table but it really didn't need a
band-aid. We accommodated her and put
a band-aid on it anyway. For whatever reason,
she LOVED that particular band-aid and she
would NOT let us take it off of her. She went
around for DAYS with the crazy thing covering
one whole cheek. It was actually kind of
embarrassing but I figured it was a battle that
wasn't worth fighting in the whole scheme of
things in her life.

Only Kaelyn! I particularly like the shoestring
draped around her neck and the hat was her
doing also. She just came "riding" (or more like
scooting out since she doesn't know how to pedal)
like this and she just looked so comical we had
to get pictures.

She has to "scoot" around with her feet. We
have worked and worked with her on pedaling
but she just hasn't gotten it yet. More often
than not, she sits on it backwards and scoots
around like that. :)

If I remember correctly, they were watching a
movie together. It looks like Kaelyn just barely
beat Kevin to sleep. :)

These are from the day Wyatt was born. We
got there just a little bit before they whisked
him off to NICU. I thought I had lost these
pictures. I didn't have them copied to my
computer and I was afraid I had deleted them
from my camera. Thankfully I discovered I had
them either still on the camera or on the computer.

HIM (formerly FEA) held a "family fun days"
back in September. Kevin and Rod's business
were one of the many business sponsors for it
so they teamed up with Chick-fil-A for a booth.
This was the "cow" that was at their booth.