Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cow appreciation Day

I am interrupting my "catching up on pictures from our recent trip" for this special chick-fil-a feature. The first pictures of us with the cow are from family night Tuesday night. We all (the Browns and us) go up to CFA almost every Tuesday night for family night. Kevin and Rod do a lot of advertising with them - they give out CFA coupons but with their business name and info. printed on them. It's good advertising for HSBR Insurance and Chick-fil-a. We have gotten to know several of the people that work there quite well and there is always something fun going on for family night. This past Tuesday they had the cow and then things to make a cow costume with for Friday. Friday was "cow appreciation day". CFA's main advertising idea is cows begging people to eat more chicken (rather than burgers of course). So on cow appreciation day, anyone who dresses up like a cow and goes into the restaurant gets a free combo meal, which is actually quite a good deal - providing you are willing to look like a cow. Some of you may remember the pics. of Rach and John from last year's cow appreciation day. Well, we all decided this year that it was worth putting our dignity aside long enough to order/get our free meals. It was much easier this year as they had a whole website for the day. You could print off "cow spots", tails, ears, noses, etc. So basically, we looked absolutely ridiculous but we got our meals and it was a great time as well. We saw everything from people wearing decorated white trash bags to people with rubber gloves for udders to a couple with their faces painted like cows (you might think that's cute but it actually looked a little bit scary - you would have had to see the couple to understand what I mean. The woman had her hair in two ponytails if that tells you anything.) So we got a few pictures, got our food, then took the most ridiculous parts of our costumes off while we ate. So... enjoy "Cow Appreciation Day":

Kay LOVES the cow and was SO excited
to see him come out. Never mind she won't
have anything to do with the guy (that was
in the costume) normally when we go in
there. Course she has no clue it's a person.

She did NOT want to wear a hat (they
were giving them out to wear Friday)
but when the cow came out and put it
on her, it was all good and she wanted
to wear it the rest of the night.

Chick-fil-a does this cool thing where if
a kid wants to, they can trade whatever toy
was in their kids meal (if it's not opened)
for ice cream. This works out great since
she loves ice cream and doesn't really need
the toy or whatever came with the meal.

Me and the cow.

Kisses (her version of a kiss) for the cow.

We got her to let us put the "eat mor
chikin" sign part of the costume on her
for just a couple minutes. She was
mooing like a cow for us here.

And now we move on to tonight - pride and dignity
vanished in the wind as we were lured into insanity
by the thoughts of free chicken.

This was how we spent our anniversary
evening - okay, actually we're going out
for real tomorrow night. :)

Yeah, kinda' scary - but you should have seen the lady
in the "cow print" dress with a yellow rubber glove
attached to the front of herself. She was in there with
her grandkids, who did not seem to be having as much
fun being dressed like cows as she was having herself.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


On the last day that we were up North in June we went to see where Daniel and Rebecca Boone were buried, to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, to a game farm, and then to the Claudia Sander's restaurant. You'll have to forgive me for all the pictures I'm posting because I love history but some of you may find some of these boring.
Daniel and Rebeccca were originally buried in Missouri near their farm there but in the 1840's, the state of Kentucky offered to re-bury them and erect a monument overlooking the city of Frankfort. It apparently caused quite an argument between Missouri and Kentucky but members of the Boone family agreed to it. According to articles I read, the place where they were buried in Miss. had been let go and was overgrown and run down. There is still debate over whether the right remains were dug up - but I suppose it's the thought that counts. :) Anyway, the location of the monument is beautiful. You can see the capitol building in Frankfort from the cemetery. There are also many other statespeople from KY buried there and a special monument for U. S. soldiers who fought in all the wars thus far. (Now aren't you glad for that little history lesson?)
The other pictures you'll see in this post are from the Vietnam War Memorial for Kentuckians. The memorial is really, really cool because of what it does. The following is information given about the memorial on a website: "The design concept is in the form of a large sundial. The stainless steel gnomon casts its shadow upon a granite plaza. There are 1,100 names of Kentuckians on the memorial, including 23 missing in action. Each name is engraved into the plaza, and placed so that the tip of the shadow touches his name on the anniversary of his death, thus giving each fallen veteran a personal Memorial Day.
The location of each name is fixed mathematically by the date of casualty, the geographic location of the memorial, the height of the gnomon and the physics of solar movement. The stones were then designed and cut to avoid dividing any individual name. The resulting radial-concentric joint pattern suggests a "web", symbolic of the entangling nature of this war. " I figured that would explain it better then I could. Of course when we were there the shadow fell across the names of men who had died in the month of June. Very cool idea for a memorial I thought. So now that you've had your history lesson for the day, here are some pictures:

This was heading down the path to the DB memorial.

A view of the capitol building in Frankfort from
the cemetery.

And there you have it. :)

I don't know why we look so happy to be in
a cemetery. :)

This was a monument for all the soldiers from KY
from all the branches of the military.

Vietnam Veteran's Memorial

Items left at the memorial.