Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter - 3

Here is the last post of Easter pictures (if I haven't already lost you all by now).

It was a little hot during the day for an Easter egg hunt, particularly if you had chocolate in your Easter eggs, which I did; so we waited until evening to let Kaelyn hunt for eggs.  When we left Browns, Kaelyn had a fever.  I gave her Ibuprofen and she slept with her head in my lap for about two and a half hours.  She seemed to sweat most of the fever out.  When she woke up, she was feeling better, which turned out to be temporary, but she was feeling well enough to go outside and hunt for the eggs and open a few presents (mostly books and a couple movies). 

We had to contend with the noseeums, but since we were out for such a short amount of time and we were moving around, it was better than dealing with the heat earlier.

The eggs were hidden a little more than just laying them out on the grass but they were not hidden that much.  Kaelyn was particularly amused with the ones that were hidden in various spots on the cars; for instance one in the tailpipe. 

I was happy she was feeling this good at the time.  She ended up with a fever for a couple days and still doesn't seem quite as perky as normal.  I think allergies or sinuses may have something to do with that though.

I was taking a picture on my phone since it's so much easier to take a pic. on my phone and instantly upload it to facebook in seconds.

These pictures are going back to earlier in the day.  Larissa was holding Rod and Betty's camera for part of the time so she "snapped away" and got some different shots while Kevin was taking pictures on our camera.  These are just a few favorites off of their camera.

Kay-Kay and Megan

Heart warming - or heart melting - not sure which one.  :-)

Kay (and Buster) were looking off at our camera but I thought it was a cute perspective/angle.

I LOVE this one!  Not so much for the sake of a perfectly posed picture but because of the moment it captures.  Most of you probably already saw this one because I posted it on facebook.  As I said on facebook, an adorable little girl is doomed to having her parents follow her around making her stop and pose for pictures. :-)

Once again, looking at a different camera but I like the picture A LOT.

I didn't like, and thus didn't post, many of the pictures taken of Kevin and I due to the fact that I looked like an elephant (wearing a green sweater no less) in most of the pictures.  This was probably my favorite of the ones taken so that's not saying much.  :-)

Another shot of Betty, Larissa, and I.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter - 2

Once we brought Buster into the picture - literally - Kay was willing to get a few more pictures.

They are just too cute together though sometimes they annoy one another.  :-)

I just LOVE this one.  When we got back from church, we walked right down to the end of the street to get pictures rather than going into the house first.  So when we went and got Buster so that we could get some pictures with him, he was VERY happy to see his girl.  He typically greets her with lots of kisses anytime she walks in the door from being gone.

Buster cracks me up - he's one of the most laid back dogs I've ever seen.  That's probably why he's so tolerant of Kaelyn - and he not only tolerates her, but he loves her.

Quite fond of this one as well.

Megan and Kaelyn are the best of buddies.  Love seeing these two together!

This NEVER happens.  Kevin tends to be more the designated photographer and so often I find that I am short on pictures that have him in them.  He let me take some pics. of just him after the others had all gone inside to change clothes and get ready for dinner.  I thought these turned out really well - and he looks great in my opinion!  :-)

Since I don't often say things like this I will take this chance to say that I am very blessed to have Kevin in my life!  I am so undeserving but so thankful for the family God has given me!

I promise I only have a few more after this post!  :-)

Easter Pictures Part 1

This is the first of THREE - yes, I said three - posts of Easter pictures so bear with me.

We have a setting on our camera called "vivid color".  I love it for scenery but not so much for people.  I included a bunch of the ones using that setting though because it made our setting look so much prettier though we all look like we are badly sunburned.  As you can see by looking at the first two pictures, the regular setting doesn't do justice to the scenery like the vivid color does.

Kevin's favorite feature of the camera (that he uses ALL THE TIME now)  :-)  It worked great for our Easter pictures since we all had some of the same color.

Friends - Betty, Larissa, and myself.

Kevin and I; Rod and Betty Brown.

Okay so I was going to delete this picture when I first loaded the pictures to my computer but it just made me giggle.  Then I certainly WASN'T going to show it but I thought maybe someone else would get as much amusement out of it as me.  What's so amusing and puzzling to me is what in the world I was looking at.  It just looks so... out of place and odd - and funny.  :-)

Strangely enough, the pictures of us all just talking all turned out better than the ones where we were all supposed to be looking at the camera.  (See the picture above for one example)  In almost every one we tried to get of the four of us, someone had their eyes closed or a strange expression - or their head tipped up looking at the heavens.  The original idea was to have pictures if we needed them for business related things (the HSBR website, etc.)

She was ALL DONE with being in her "scratchy dress" and we actually had to chase her down because she was walking back down the street to our house to get different clothes.  She was a good sport about putting the dress on in the morning for church though.  We had a much easier time than we normally do when she's wearing something "scratchy" or different.

The little thing in her lap is her stuffed puppy with bunny ears that she got in her Easter basket.

She was so agitated by the time we got around to getting picture of just her.  The breeze was blowing her pony tails and driving her crazy.  She stood there so frantically flipping her pony tails back over and over that we all were getting amused with her.  We didn't realize that she was getting sick besides.  By yesterday evening, she had a fever and was not feeling well at all.

Trying to tolerate a few more pictures - and the dress.

Part 2 maybe tonight.