Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vacation - Character Breakfast

This year on our vacation, we did a character breakfast in one of the restuarants at Magic Kingdom.  We ate at the Crystal Palace and saw Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet.  It was a blast!

Our time slot was actually before the park opened so we walked through the front of the park before the crowds were in for the day - not a view you normally see of the park - Main Street and the castle without hundreds of people around.

Quite a pretty building inside.

There were mirrors all around the inner walls.  Kevin got this reflection of the rest of us eating.

Tigger came to our table first.  He was making Kaelyn's plush Tigger "bounce".  :-)

Wyatt, a bit hesitant, meets Tigger.

Kaelyn giving Pooh a big hug.

After Pooh and Tigger came by our table, a little bit later, Eeyore came over.  Here he is looking at Kay's little Eeyore.  By the way, I was so excited to find, some time back, that Kohl's was selling the Pooh stuffed animals and original A. A. Milne Pooh books.  I got the various characters for $5 each and since I knew we were doing this character breakfast, we brought them all with us.

Breakfast!  :-)

Piglet - he was SO cute!  Both Wyatt and Kay seemed to really love seeing him.

We even got Wyatt to give Piglet a kiss, which was very brave for him [at the time].  He has since gotten used to the characters and though he [Wyatt] is still a little shy, he likes them.

And who wouldn't love this picture?  (or maybe I should say "what PARENT wouldn't love this picture?")
That still didn't come out right but you know what I mean.  :-)

In the center of the restaurant near the entrance, they had topiaries of all four characters.

While Kevin  and John were waiting to finish taking care of the bill, the rest of us left the table and were walking around taking pictures.  Kevin was waiting for the server to come back and Tigger had made his rounds and was back to the table.  John took a quick picture of the two of them.  When we saw Tigger back by the table, Kay went back over there to see him for a few minutes.

Kevin and I at the entrance.

A view of Cinderella's castle through the front doors of the restaurant.

Kevin took this picture of me out front of the restaurant.  When we were looking at all the pictures later when I uploaded them to my computer, Kevin pointed out that the way my hand is on the railing for the steps but my body hides the rest of the railing, it looks like I'm standing there with a cane.  :-)  It's very amusing to me every time I see the picture now because that's how it looks to me now.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

This post is the rest of the pictures from our day at Animal Kingdom on our vacation.

Rach, Kaelyn, and John on the safari.

Hungry, hungry hippo... not sure if he eats marbles, though they can eat between 80 and 100 pounds of food per day! 

Often when we go on the safari, the warthogs are in their burrows keeping cool so you can kind of see them but not well.  Since we went a little later in the day, we "caught" them out and about eating.  Funny looking creatures for sure.  I always think of Pumbaa from the Lion King movie since he was a warthog.

This is another "don't ask" photo.  This is little cabin that's just for looks to go along with the feeling that you're in a remote African village.  It is possibly also cleverly used by the cast members for something.  John said to Kevin, "Here take a picture" and Kevin did.  I was amused when I saw the picture later at how much it looks like John is really "coming home for the day".  You can't actually go inside the building which made it look funnier.

There are different places around the park(s) where they have misters spraying on warm days.  On one of the paths back in the trees, they had mist spraying and the sun was setting and low in the sky.  The rays of the sun shining through the mist looked really cool.

There's another place to see the hippos besides on the safari.  This was a partial under water viewing area.  These crazy birds just hang out on the hippos backs.  We were amused with this particular bird.  When this hippo started moving through the water, the bird just stayed on its back getting a free ride.  The hippo started to submerge and as it got lower and lower into the water, the bird just stayed on its back.  When the hippo was almost completely under water, the bird jumped off its back and jumped right over onto the back of another hippo right beside this one.  :-)

Some snapshots taken back in the "Africa" section of AK.

So it was late in the day and the pictures got goofier and goofier.  This old bike is chained to the wall and is part of the "look" of being in an African village.  The pictures of and by the bike started out to be serious ones and then, well... it all went downhill from there...

Wyatt's "big" cousin played with this phone for awhile while we took a bunch of pictures.  Kaelyn pretended to call lots of different people and she was having whole [pretend] conversations with them.  Once she finally put it back, Wyatt went over and wanted to do exactly what she had been doing.

Animal Kingdom truly has some of the pretties scenery of all the parks.

This picture looks cute and casual but we actually only had about 3 seconds to snap it before Wyatt jumped down and Kaelyn stopped smiling.  :-)

These two pictures absolutely crack me up!!!  :-D
(I told you the pictures got crazier the later the day got!)