Saturday, September 29, 2012


Hi!  Do ya'll remember me - and this little blog called "The Mosenthins"?  :-)  I was threatened by my mother to be grounded from Facebook (or some such thing) until I posted a new blog post.  :-)  As you can tell, her threat scared me right into action and... TA-DA!  Here I am.  :-D
So... we have a new bo-at (pronounced bow-at).  In one of our favorite shows, Phineas and Ferb, the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz invents the bo-at, which he explains is an acronym for Buoyancy Operated Aquatic Transport.  His evil scheme (which is always goofy and never works out right) is to flood the city and then everyone will have to buy one of his B.O.A.T.s and then he will be rich and take over the city.  :-)
A couple weeks ago we got a super good opportunity to buy a super cheap boat.  We split the cost with the Browns and were able to pay cash for it.  It's an older boat, older than Kevin and I as a matter of fact but it has a newer engine.  Rod had to buy a new battery for it to get it running but other than that it is in running condition - most of the time (more on that at a later time).  There is a lot of work to be done on it but things we can do gradually over time.  The following pictures are from the first evening we got a chance to take it out for a little bit.  We couldn't be out after dark too much because we didn't have proper/working lights at the time but we do now.  Last night, we all went on the boat down to Jupiter for dinner.  It was awesome and I will post more pictures of that next but for now, I'll just post a few from the first time out.  They were mostly all taken on my cell phone so they are not the best quality but you will still get the general idea.
These first few pictures are ones that Kevin took when he and Rod went up to look at the boat the first time.

There is a small cabin underneath.  Right now it needs quite a bit of work but I still think it's cool that it has the inside area.


Can you tell how happy and proud he is to be a co-boat owner?  :-)

There is no bench across the back right now but we plan on trying to make one as opposed to buying an overpriced one.

Love this picture of Kaelyn.  She's such a cutie!  :-)

This picture cracks me up.  Izzy LOVES going out on the boat with us and she even has her own life jacket as you can see.

I have to say, there aren't many better places to be during a Florida sunset then out on the water like this.  It's relaxing yet invigorating and inspiring for sure!!

My favorite place to be is up on the front of the boat where you can feel the wind and see everything in front of you.

Kevin is learning how to pilot a boat.


I'm not gonna' lie, I would have chuckled if he would have lost his balance since he knows how to swim well and would have been fine - just wet.  :-)

Kaelyn was telling her teachers at school about the boat the day after this.  Her one teacher told me that she told them, "I just laid back, and relaxed, and enjoyed the nice weather." 
:-)  And she did too.  She was hooked after this first ride and was so disappointed when she saw us heading back into our canal.  She was hoping we would go up as far as Georgia because she knows that the Intercoastal goes all the way up to New England.  :-) (Never mind the boat's max speed is 15 mph)

Notice the way the water looks as if it has a purple hue from the setting sun.

My favorite picture of the night!