Saturday, November 13, 2010


Kaelyn had off of school Thursday and Friday.  Her teacher had told me earlier in the week that she and her family were going up to Disney World this weekend.  Earlier on this year, Disney did a promotion called "Give a day, get a day".  There were lists of places that families could volunteer in each state.  If a family volunteered somewhere for the day, each person that volunteered got a free ticket to DW to be used within the next year.  Kay's teacher's family had done it and so they were just now "cashing in" on their free day since they had a couple days off.  When I picked Kaelyn up from school Wednesday, I was mentioning to her that her teacher was going to Disney World.  She said, "What?"  I said, "Did Ms. Diane tell you that she is going to Disney World?"  Then I said, "She's lucky isn't she?"  Kaelyn said, "What's lucky when it means?"  (which is the way she phrases the question when she wants to know what a word means).  Well, Noah Webster I aint!  Sometimes I have difficulty explaining definitions or phrases to her because I have to relate them to something else she already understands.  Because I couldn't come up with anything better, I said, "Lucky means when you get to do something fun."  She thought for a minute and then said, "Can I be lucky?"  :-D  I laughed and said, "Why do you want to be lucky?"  She said, "Because I want to do something fun too."  She's such a literal thinker so to explain the concept that you are lucky as a result of somethingthat happens is nearly impossible right now.  So in her mind now, if she can just be lucky, however you attain that, then she can do something fun too!  :-)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another "tons of pictures" post.  :-)

Kaelyn showing the "real" Mickey her little Mickey.  :-)

She LOVED showing her Mickey and Minnie to the characters.

Donald gives Mickey a hug.

We have never gotten to meet Piglet before so we were excited to see him with Eeyore.

Movie stars.  :-)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!!!

The different costumes on the various characters are their Hollywood/movie star costumes since this was at Hollywood Studios.

Kaelyn in the Buzz Lightyear box.  All along the queue to see Buzz and Woody, there are various picture spots themed from the Toy Story movies.

Kaelyn strapped on to the rocket (like the one Buzz and Woody were strapped to at the end of the first Toy Story).

In The Prospector's box (from the second TS movie).

A big hug from Woody - I like this one a lot!!!

I love the way the floor and the background wall are painted to look like you're standing on Andy's bed.

Showing Sorcerer Mickey her Mickey.

We were actually just trying to have her pose for a picture and she turned and gave Mickey a kiss on the nose.  :-)

I thought this was SO cute.  We were sitting waiting for the Broadway Belle show to start and Kaelyn worked and worked to get Mickey to balance and sit beside her like this.


Belle and Gaston

Belle and the Beast

The Beast and Gaston fighting.

Belle and The Prince (after he turned back from being The Beast)

Since we were some of the first people waiting outside to get in before the show started, they asked us if Kaelyn wanted to be the girl to go up at the end of the show and get a rose from Belle and The Prince at the end of the show.  She was so excited!  They took her up during the grand finale and The Prince presented the rose to her.

Kay and her monkey by the Barrel of Monkeys back in Pixar Land at Hollywood Studios.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I started loading a bunch more pictures of our last Disney weekend this evening.  I had about 15 pictures loading and then I got a message from google that I am out of free"space".  Blogger uses Picasa web albums (and various websites) to store all the pictures and type from a blog and apparently I have used all of my free storage space.  Five dollars bought me more gigs of space then I will probably ever need for my blog but it could take a day for it to show that I have more storage space so I guess I'll try again tomorrow.  :)
For now I'll leave you with a picture from almost this exact time last year.  We had gotten this cheap Christmas movie that was in 3D and had the 3D glasses with it.  The movie was very lame and the 3D effects were so poorly done that both John and Kevin ended up with headaches and had to take the glasses off.  :-)  You may remember seeing this picture last year.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tons of fun and tons of pictures

Kaelyn did not have school Friday so we took our Disney passes, hotwire coupons, pb & j sandwiches and headed for Orlando Thursday after she got out of school. 

Hollywood Studios Thursday night.  Kaelyn and I were pretending to be being eaten by these crocodiles.  She thinks I am so funny and cool right now - too bad that won't last long!  :-)

Cool car of the future - Epcot

When we went into the parks, Kay took the Mickey and Minnie that she sleeps with at night.  She got a lot of responses and interaction.  I believe Chip and Dale were some of the funniest!

A kiss for chip...

... And one for Dale.  (They were impressed that she knew which one was which.  She has really fallen in love with these guys since she's started watching some of the OLD cartoons where they are always up to mischief!)

Taking a ferry across to World Showcase (different countries in the world) to save some steps and energy.

The building in the backround is in the American Pavilion and is a replica of Independence Hall.

Mexican Donald (based off of "The three Caballeros")

A very serious discussion happening here.

Street performers in Italy.  As you can see, he started out doing a handstand on two bottles on the table.

Then he did a handstand on these two chairs, which were balanced on bottles.

Adding a third chair!

And... going up for a handstand on the fourth chair - four chairs all stacked on the bottles!

Coming back down from the handstand (he wasn't falling though it sort of looks that way here).

Do NOT try this at home!!! :-)  The five chairs were stacked right side up and upside down every other chair.

And the final trick...
(Both of the guys were mimes so the whole thing was done without talking)

I about had a heart attack just watching him!

Kaelyn, her Minnie and Marie (Aristocats)

All the different "countries" have Kidcot stations where kids color things having to do with that particular country.

She looks like such a big kid here!